Saturday, September 26, 2009

How Many Marched in DC on 9/12? Close to 2 Million

according to Zac Moilanen of Indiana University.

New York Times said "thousands" marched.

Washington Post said "tens of thousands".

Japan's Nikkei said "one hundred thousand".

UK's Mail Online said "up to 2 million".

(Please see my original post on September 12 for more details.)

And the winner is.....

U.K.'s Mail Online. The author of the article below says it was somewhere between 1.78 million and 1.98 million.

If the author of the study is anywhere near correct, that was the largest-ever crowd descended on Washington D.C.

It goes without saying that the author and his paper are dissed thoroughly by Democratic supporters of the administration in the blogsphere (here's one). Mainstream Media (MSM) outlets either openly deride or simply ignore the "teabaggers".

I personally don't understand why being against the government's policies should be labeled "right-wing" or Republican. Liberals, conservatives, moderates, Dems, Republicans, libertarians, any citizen, should be against any wasteful use of their tax dollars by the government, and vigilant against any attempt to curtail personal liberty.

Critics seem to have latched on to Republican politicians and a conservative TV show host as if they were the chief instigators, instead of thinking of them as piggybacking on the movement that already exists and which has no apparent central organizing body. They want to find the bogeyman.


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