Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sonic Weapon Against G20 Protesters

National Guard and Police are using tear gas and LRAD to disperse protesters at G20 in Pittsburgh. Welcome to new America, the change we can really believe in. It has really changed.

What is LRAD? It is "Long Range Acoustic Device" developed by American Technology Corporation for acoustic hailing and warning device (AHD). It is shown mounted on a vehicle, and you can hear the piercing noise. (The video clip was posted at

"According to the manufacturer's specifications, the equipment weighs 45 pounds (20 kg) and can emit sound in a 30° beam (only at high frequency, 2.5 kHz) from a device 83 centimetres (33 in) in diameter. At maximum level, it can emit a warning tone that is 146 dBSPL (1,000 W/m²) at 1 metre, a level that is capable of permanently damaging hearing, and higher than the normal human threshold of pain (120–140 dB). The maximum usable design range extends to 300 metres. At 300 metres, the warning tone (measured) is less than 90 dB. The warning tone is a high-pitched shrill tone similar to that of a smoke detector." (

In Pittsburgh, they are using the device for crowd control, the device that could permanently damage hearing. The United States government is using a military weapon against its own citizens. "Military weapon?" you may ask. Well here it is, a segment from Discovery Channel from 2005 "Future Weapons - LRAD".


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