Tuesday, December 8, 2009

CO2 Is a Dangerous Pollutant

so declared the Environmental Protection Agency on Monday.

The agency is dutifully doing the bidding of the administration just in time for the Copenhagen climate summit. I will believe that when these officials at the agency show us the way by stopping breathing completely in order to save the planet.

Here's a take on the issue by the Heritage Foundation:

EPA Formally Declares CO2 a Dangerous Pollutant
(12/7/09 The Foundry, Heritage Foundation)

"Step aside, elected Members of Congress. If you can’t pass cap and trade legislation, The Environmental Protection Agency will move in with massively complex and costly regulations that would micromanage just about every aspect of the economy. They announced today that carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases (GHGs) threaten public health and the environment." (The article continues. Click on the link above to read.)

This, despite the "Climategate" where the world's leading climate scientists are accused of falsifying the data to fit their theory of global warming.

The following article about the "Climategate" is about the only one posted on the mainstream media outlets. The author, Declan McCullah, has written good articles on health care "reform" and climate change legislation.

ClimateGate Could Threaten Copenhagen Climate Deal
(Declan McCullah, 12/7/09, CBS News)

Soon, the government will decree that:

War is peace;
Fiscal responsibility means profligate spending;
Recession/Depression is over;
Only the government can save you;
The world is flat;
The sun revolves around the earth, again;
Sky is falling.

What else?

Ooops forgot the obvious.

The earth is warming because of pesky humans.


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