Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ron Paul Votes Against His Own Amendment

to be exact, against the bill that contains his own amendment.

Ron Paul votes against his own amendment
(Robert Rule, 12/11/09 San Francisco) [emphasis is mine]

"Congressman Ron Paul (R Texas) is the last true statesman. Want proof, the Congressman and 2008 Presidential candidate fought more than twenty years to finally create an amendment to fully audit the Federal Reserve, which is the main cause of the present financial crisis.

"The Audit the Fed bill was accepted as an amendment to a larger bill, the Wall Street Regulatory Overhaul. Even though the congressman’s bill was attached he could not in good faith vote for the larger legislation. Imagine a country full of men like that. Imagine just having 100 representatives like that.

"The legislation will now go to the Senate for a vote. Ron Paul said “I have no clout in Congress, it was the people (grass roots) who made this happen.” A good guess would be that the Senate will try to take this amendment out. Reportedly, Senator’s are a little closer to those at the Fed than Congressman. It will be up to the people once again to make sure this amendment sticks if the larger bill is passed." (The article continues.)

I had suspected that Dr. Paul would do exactly what he just did. In good conscience he couldn't have voted for the larger bill, H.R. 4173 "The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009", which will create another federal bureaucratic monstrosity called Consumer Financial Protection Agency and will give the federal government unprecedented authority to seize a private entity which it deems to be of a threat to the greater economy, even before the threat becomes real. And of course that "threat" is defined by the government.

Sound familiar to you? It should, because that's the Bush doctrine of preemptive strike even if the threat is not there. All this government needs is a possibility of a threat that it may jeopardize the system sometime in the indeterminate future.

Are we entering the Greater Depression, contrary to what Obama said ("we avoided the depression" he averred the other day), where the government is set to control every single aspect of our economic life to "save us from ourselves", so to speak? From our capitalist mentality that a free market gives us prosperity, from our (dwindling majority, maybe) deeply ingrained belief that we can pull ourselves up by our bootstraps?


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