Thursday, February 4, 2010

Government Policies Weighing Down the Economy

And the stock market is acting accordingly, at least for today. Dow Jones Industrial Average is down over 245 points (or 2.4%), to 10,025, threatening to break down below 10,000.

Hedge fund manager Jeff Matthews says the government policies and programs are weighing down on the economy. Uncertainty and direct fear, he says, over what the government might do (so far it's "Let's tax everything and let's spend everything and more.")

He talks about a friend of his, who runs a small manufacturing companies. He told Matthews that he is not going to higher anyone in the U.S. any more when Matthews asked him about implication of health care reform.

President Obama's temper tantrum (against bankers, GOP, Supreme Court, $3.8 trillion budget thrown at us...) over the Massachusetts special election result hasn't helped anything, anybody, except for the Democratic supporters who clearly approve highly of his renewed aggressive stance.


Unknown said...

OBAMA and Bernanke are featured in a movie-- about greedy hedge funds called "Stock Shock." Even though the movie mostly focuses on Sirius XM stock being naked short sold nearly into bankruptcy (5 cents/share), I liked it because it exposes the dark side of Wall Street and revealed some of their secrets. DVD is everywhere but cheaper at

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