Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Obama Hugs Timmy, and Everything Is Alright

Little 'Toinette, trying best not to look at her straight, says to Madame Du Barry, "There are so many people at Versailles today."

Madame Du Barry smiles a smile of victory, and the whole court erupts in cheer. "The Dauphine finally spoke to Madame Du Barry [Louis XV's official mistress]! All will be fine from now on!"

And so Obama hugs Timmy Geithner and all is well on the Imperial Court of Capitol Hill.

Capitol Hill Insiders Say Obama Hugging Geithner Changed Everything (John Carney, 2/1/2010 Business Insider)

"The end of Tim Geithner has itself come to an end.

"Sources on Capitol Hill say that Geithner's status was re-elevated last week when president Obama embraced him before the State of the Unions address.

"That is a 180 degree reversal in the perception of the Treasury Secretary's fate from just over a week ago. Back then people thought Geithner had basically been fired.

""When the president hugs you in front of every member of the US Senate and every member of the House, that's a signal that you still have the power," one Senate staffer told us.

"Others on Capitol Hill we spoke to agreed.

""It was a clear message that the perception from the Volcker announcement was wrong. Geithner is still in Obama's inner circle," another staffer said.

"The hug that changed the perception on Capitol Hill was preceded and followed by administration members talking to reporters and bloggers behind the scenes, saying the symbolism of the Volcker press conference had been misinterpreted. That message has now sunk in.

"At least in the eyes of many lawmakers and staffers on Capitol Hill, Geithner is back."


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