Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill: BP Conducting Tests for 'Top Kill'

With all the criticism, it is BP who is doing something to stop the oil flow, as the Washington politicians and regulators take a vacation, watch porn, use meth, attend a political fundraiser (she had to cancel it), or otherwise just talk (or not talk).

Here's the latest from BP's "Gulf of Mexico response" website:

Update on Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Response - 26 May

A series of diagnostic tests are currently underway on the Deepwater Horizon’s failed BOP to improve understanding of the status and configuration of the BOP and determine whether a ‘top kill’ procedure can be successfully executed. These tests involve pumping drilling fluids into the BOP to measure pressures and validate flow paths. When complete, a decision will be made on the execution of the top kill procedure itself.

This top kill procedure has not been carried out offshore at 5,000 feet water depth before, and its success cannot be assured. It is expected that the entire procedure could take up to two days, and it cannot be predicted how long it will take for the operation to prove successful or otherwise. Should it be necessary, plans and equipment are in place to combine the top kill process with the injection under pressure of bridging material into the BOP to prevent or limit upward flow through the BOP. (Full press release here.)
What is 'Top Kill' and how is it done? BP has a video presentation on the procedure, which can be viewed at this link.

That is high-tech to me, more than anything: To be able to design, build, install, and operate a system under 5000-feet of water. Amazing what human mind can conceive, and hands that can build.


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