Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill: Wellhead Is Elsewhere?

From the Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC on May 26, 2010. Two oil industry experts, Matthew Simmons of Simmons & Company International and Nicholas Pozzi of Wow Energy Solutions discuss the spill, top kill operation, and alternatives to stop the Gulf oil spill.

They don't think whatever is coming out of the pipe on on BP's live cam is not the cause of the giant oil plumes under the Gulf, sucking up oxygen dissolved in the water. They think there is another leak that is causing those plumes and suspect that's where the wellhead actually is, and the use of chemical dispersants in deep water will do more damage than good. 'Hide the enemy' may have been the BP's solution [and I should add, the government solution, too], but that's not what the industry would have done, according to Pozzi.

They both mention a solution using supertankers (or tankers of any size), to which BP has turned a deaf ear.

This should have been a navy operation, they say. A carefully placed bomb would have shut down the well. "We've wasted so much time."

Oh by the way, the casing doesn't have O-rings. BP didn't put them in. No way to seal it, basically.


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