Monday, June 7, 2010

Helen Thomas Retires

Wag the dog.

While the rest of the world is reporting on the Israeli navy commando attacks on the Aid Flotilla now that the activists have been released and are talking, the US mainstream media AND alternative media have been busy bashing Helen Thomas and driving her into retirement.

You can read all about it elsewhere, MSM or alternative, so I wouldn't comment except for my subtitle.

And this perhaps: that Helen Thomas is of Lebanese descent. Here's one angry blogger's words: "It’s not hard to imagine that anyone with a Lebanese heritage, especially when they are 89-years old, has a problem (or two) with the government of Israel."

(Racial discrimination and age discrimination all in one sentence.)

People around the world, not just of Lebanese descent, seem to be having a problem or two or three with the government of Israel, in case people here haven't noticed. Even they have a problem or two.


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