Monday, August 30, 2010

OT: President Had Not Much to Do Today, So He Spoke the Same Old Stuff and Tanked the Stock Market

Today's schedule for President Obama:

10:30AM: President Obama meets with senior advisers

11:00AM: President Obama receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

12:05PM: President Obama receives the Economic Daily Briefing

His scheduled remark from the Oval Office was changed to the Rose Garden, at 1:00 PM. But as ABC News reports:

The event in some ways could be seen as a metaphor for the administration’s flailing on the economy. Originally no remarks were scheduled, then on Sunday evening, the White House announced the president would make remarks in the Oval Office after his economic daily briefing.

Then on Monday that was upgraded to remarks by the president at 12:30 p.m. ET in the Rose Garden after his briefing, signifying a more formal event.

Then those remarks were pushed to 1 p.m.

Finally the president approached the lectern at 1:20 p.m.

Only five sentences into his remarks, the P.A. system fizzled.

“What we did know was that it took nearly a decade -- what we did -- how are we doing on sound, guys?” the president asked

“Is it still going to the press?” he asked, checking to make sure even if he couldn’t be heard clearly in the Rose Garden, broadcast networks were getting clean sound, which they were.

“OK,” the president said.

A plane flew nearby, drowning out his voice.

Keep up the good work, Mr. President. The stock market shorts love you.


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