Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oval Office Makeover by Celebrity Interior Decorator Michael Smith

the same guy who did the makeover for the living quarters of the White House for Michelle Obama, the same guy who did the office makeover for John Thain, who was then the CEO of Merrill Lynch, with the infamous $87,000 area rug.

But the taxpayers' money wasn't used, and the budget was $100,000, they say. You hire a guy who specs $87,000 for an area rug and $1,400 for a wastebasket and the budget is $100,000. Yeah right...

I don't quite care for this Oval Office Obama version - drab and boring like a hotel lobby. If that's what he likes, fine. I don't quite see why he had to hire a celebrity decorator though, to achieve this boring effect. I certainly, positively do not care for wallpaper.

The new rug features a quote from Theodore Parker, and NOT Martin Luther King Jr., according to Washington Post. Ooops. History rewritten ever so subtly.

You can view the Oval Office under different presidents, here. I like the smart color use of George W. Bush Oval Office.


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