Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Latest Ulsterman Report: White House Insider "Temporary Insanity"

or so the "White House Insider" hopes.

From Ulsterman's latest installment on November 8, 2010:

First, about the November election...

... How about some feedback on the midterms? Last time we talked you said the Democrats were going to lose up to 60 seats. It was more than that. A pretty tough night for Democrats? Do you think? Christ, it was about as bad a night as it could possibly be. Yes, I said we would lose up to 60 seats. I think at last count it was…65? That is almost too much to comprehend. I knew things were going to be bad for us, but…this was…deplorable. The party is in such a mess right now. My god…it’s just so bad. So incredibly bad.

Deplorable? Deplorable that the Democrats lost or that the Republicans won? Both! It didn’t have to be like this – that is what is so sickening about it all. Roll it back to early 2009. We had such an opportunity. With just a little bit more legislative moderation, a more unified tone, some damn common sense – we…the Democratic Party just pissed it all away. Flushed it gone. The president strutted around like some political peacock, the Congressional leadership basically told the opposition to go to hell – numerous times. Attack after attack on the business community…did they really think the American people were going to allow them to get away with mistake after mistake after mistake? Yeah, it’s deplorable the Republicans won so decisively, and it’s deplorable the Democrats made it so easy for them to do so.

Ok…so do you think the president is going to pull a Clinton and veer back to the middle of the political road? (shakes head) I have said it many times – Barack Obama is no Bill Clinton. He doesn’t have Clinton’s intellect, Clinton’s political know-how, or Clinton’s common sense. Barack Obama is too self involved, too bored of details, too lazy. But even more important, Barack Obama doesn’t have the people around him who will allow a turn toward the political middle. Many of the moderates in the Democratic Party were taken out with this election. What is left are the far left people – the -expletive- “Progressives” if you will. They are still in denial. Never before has such a group of like minded dumb -expletives- inhabited the halls of the United States government.

On Nancy Pelosi...

So will Nancy Pelosi be the minority leader in the House? Is she staying on as a member of Congress, because that would seem to contradict what you were telling me earlier…No. No I don’t think she is going to be Minority Leader. She doesn’t have the backing. That’s the word I have received from many different sources, including members of Congress. What Nancy Pelosi is doing now is trying to save face. It is desperate…and well, kind of pathetic too. I will say this with absolute certainty – if she does not get the minority leader position, she is leaving Congress. She has said that directly to members of her caucus.

On the "big scandal" about to hit...

So the Republicans are aware of the situation? Oh yeah. At least certain members are, and likely some who have very specific details. It is no casual thing to have incoming members of a new Republican House majority telling the media that the White House needs to make certain it doesn’t start shredding documents…well, that’s about as bold a declaration as one makes in this town. Those Republicans are making it clear to the Obama White House that they know something – and are willing to go after them over it. I just don’t think President Obama fully understands or appreciates what is going to be coming at him in 2011. The scrutiny and the power that a Republican Congress now holds over him is going to be immense. I’m not exaggerating when I say it might very well break this president.

Does anyone really think this president has the strength to endure this kind of political environment?

For the rest of the White House Insider articles by Ulsterman, I put the links on my post.


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