Sunday, November 7, 2010

News That Disappeared Very Quickly from MSM

What was that all about?

- Heightened terror alert for Europe, particularly France and Germany, that a major terror attack was imminent.

- Printer ink cartridge bomb scare.

- "Foreclosure fraud" and "mortgage securitization fraud"

Regarding the last one, after a short burst of news (such as NY Fed and PIMCO suing Bank of America) both have gone awfully quiet. Some state attorney generals who were pushing for wider investigation of these dual frauds (particularly the first one) were booted out in the November 2 election. California's AG Jerry Brown had stopped saying anything about foreclosure fraud once his prospect of beating Meg Whitman in the gubernatorial race was secure, way before the election.

Yves Smith, of Naked Capitalism, did write an Op-Ed in the MSM of MSMs, New York Times, on October 30, 2010, a rather muted writing fit for the readers of NYTimes. But the topic has quickly disappeared from the front page of major news outlets, while foreclosures with fraudulent documentation and by parties who may have no standing to foreclose continue throughout the nation.

Instead, the news is all about politics - GOP trying to repeal this law or that, and the Obamas dancing with Indians on their extravagant tour of Asia. In other words, we are made to watch the puppet show, yet again.

Oh I almost forgot about the news that also disappeared in the lightening speed:

- The Federal Reserve embarking on the quantitative easing part 2, with $600 billion over 8 months.

Nothing to see here, except for the puppet show. Don't you dare try to find out who the puppet master is.


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