Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chris Matthews and His Two Guests Sneer at 43% of Americans

who either do not believe Barack Obama was born in the US or do not know.

At least Matthews kept asking whether his guests were calling almost half the US as stupid "birthers". Smug-faced Clarance Page of the Chicago Tribune and David Corn of Mother Jones kept defending the non-action (or obstruction) from the White House until the end when they had to concur with Matthews that yes, just produce the long form and get it over with.

Well, what do you say, Mr. Obama?

I had to laugh when I heard Mr. Page defending Obama by saying he has more important things to do. (Yeah right. Like vacationing in Hawaii and watching ESPN and playing golf? Or burdening the country with ever more intrusive bureaucracy while the country is struggling to recover from the worst recession since World War II?)

The whole eligibility issue may be a trivial matter, as these three gentlemen say, but it is the matter which should have been cleared up at the very beginning of his candidacy when Obama was being vetted. (Who vetted him anyway?)

Here's the vid of the segment in MSNBC "Hard Ball":

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