Thursday, December 30, 2010

Is "Dumb Money" Coming Back to the US Stock Market?

Is this a sign that the top is indeed in?

Zero Hedge reports that after 33 consecutive weeks of outflows, the money is flowing back to the US equity funds:

The inflection point has arrived. After pulling money for 33 consecutive weeks, and withdrawing over $98 billion in capital from domestic equity mutual funds, in the week ended December 21, the Fed has finally succeeded in getting the rotation out of bonds and into stocks as per ICI. After a total of $4.4 billion was redeemed from bond funds in the same week, mostly from municipals but also $837 million from taxable bonds (still a major decline from the almost $9 billion in bond outflows the prior week), domestic equity funds saw a token inflow of $335 million, compared to last week's $2.4 billion outflow. Just enough to halt the seemingly endless outflow. Still, since the bulk of the move seems predicated upon a move out of muni bonds, with $9.5 billion in outflows in December alone, should the muni crisis accelerate, and validate the investor concern, stocks as an asset class will certainly be impaired once the muni insolvency thesis start being played out... unless of course it is met with further action from Ben Bernanke in the form of QE3, as most Zero Hedge readers believe will inevitably happen. At that point, and as always when the Fed intervenes, all bets are off, suffice to say that gold will be well over $2,000 by then.

Go Ben! Before Congress takes away your power to print money so that Timmy can print on demand... (If you're interested, take a look at the bill (HR 6550) proposed by Dennis Kucinich, who seemingly has become a mouthpiece for the "Greenbackers" like Ellen Brown.)

At this point, I don't care how much Ben's gonna print, or Timmy's gonna print. Bring it on, so the whole system can crash and we get to start fresh.


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