Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egypt: Self-Organizing Citizens Arresting Looters and Thugs

and handing them over to the Army, according to Al Jazeera reports.

Leader-less, self-organizing, ordinary citizens of Egypt are defending their neighborhoods, their heritage, their cities from thugs, some of whom are apparently government-backed. They continue to demand one thing: Mubarak must go.

Earlier, there was a report that the police had completely withdrawn from the street. Then, a report on looters and thugs armed with government-provided guns appeared. Put these two reports together, and you get an ugly but totally predictable picture from a dictatorial corrupt regime: withdraw police, release thugs (aka police or private security force pretending to be looters) to create chaos, instill fear in the citizenry who will beg for "order and security" provided by the regime.

Instead, the Army has clearly sided with the citizens, and with the Army's advice the citizens have organized themselves to defend themselves, their families, their properties.

BBC Radio reported that in Alexandria citizens stopped a bank robbery. When the citizens went through what the robbers had on them, they found a police ID.

Al Jazeera also reported that young Egyptians formed a human chain at the front gate of the museum to prevent looters from escaping, until the Army arrived. (See picture below, taken from

The Mubarak government's tactics will so spectacularly backfire.

Go Egyptians!


Mohamed Foda said...

WE egyptians will keep the revolution going untill our looted money form Mubarak and his regime comes back and they are sentenced.

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