Sunday, January 23, 2011

In-Your-Face Insult by Chinese at State Dinner (and Most Americans Don't Even Know It)

Lang Lang, a pianist from mainland China who plays piano as if it were a circus act, played an anti-American propaganda piece at the White House State Dinner the other day. And it seems the entire Communist China is laughing heartily, thinking it has enhanced China's standing.

Chinese Pianist Plays Propaganda Tune at White House (1/22/2011 The Epoch Times)

Lang Lang the pianist says he chose it. Chairman Hu Jintao recognized it as soon as he heard it. Patriotic Chinese Internet users were delighted as soon as they saw the videos online. Early morning TV viewers in China knew it would be played an hour or two beforehand. At the White House State dinner on Jan. 19, about six minutes into his set, Lang Lang began tapping out a famous anti-American propaganda melody from the Korean War: the theme song to the movie “Battle on Shangganling Mountain.”

The film depicts a group of “People’s Volunteer Army” soldiers who are first hemmed in at Shanganling (or Triangle Hill) and then, when reinforcements arrive, take up their rifles and counterattack the U.S. military “jackals.”

The movie and the tune are widely known among Chinese, and the song has been a leading piece of anti-American propaganda by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for decades. CCP propaganda has always referred to the Korean War as the “movement to resist America and help [North] Korea.” The message of the propaganda is that the United States is an enemy—in fighting in the Korean War the United States’ real goal was said to be to invade and conquer China. The victory at Triangle Hill was promoted as a victory over imperialists.

...Whether Lang Lang’s decision to play “My Motherland” was entirely his own is impossible to confirm. That his choice was known in advance to CCP officials is very likely.

Cheng Xiaonong is a former assistant to former CCP General Secretary Zhao Ziyang. He now lives in New Jersey and is a commentator on Chinese politics.

Cheng said that “The White House had to report in advance to the Chinese delegation and so the Chinese delegation would have certainly known Lang Lang’s program.”

Cheng believes, however, that the Chinese delegation would see no reason to suggest a change in the program. “The program is not against the interests of China. In fact, it is the opposite.”

I don't think so, Mr. Cheng. It is the opposite of what you say.

The Obama White House had probably known what the repertoire was going to be; so either he (or his staff) didn't know what the piece was about or he didn't care, or he approved it. (After all, speaking badly about the US is his forte.)

A pianist from any civil country might have played an American song loved by Americans, as a goodwill gesture. It's just my humble opinion, and being humble is totally out of favor these days. An official from a civil country would have gently suggested to the pianist it might not be the best of songs to play in front of the generous host.

Needless to say, civility is not Communist China's style.


joetote said...

You know, I was just thinking of that great Sinatra movie, The Manchurian Candidate. Doesn’t it seem like this bozo in the white house is acting exactly like what the Chinese were trying to implement in that movie? Seriously, it truly seems this President is hell bent to deliver us to the Red Chinese and the rest of the Marxist Socialists. Watch the movie and you’ll see what I mean.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Yup. And he doesn't care as long as he gets to play golf and watch ESPN and campaign 24/7 while sending his wife to a million-dollar vacation. Some people decided some time ago to replace the US with China (and Russia, maybe) as the world power, and Obama is the latest, perfect tool.

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