Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gerald Celente Loses It, Rants Against Cameron, Sarkozy, Obama and "Three Witches of MacBeth", Calls for People to Stand Up

(I don't think I've ever seen him like this before.)

He says they are leading us to the First Great War of the 21st century:

""Oh what should I do?" What should you do? Grow up, you are adults!"

"Use your brain, you are adults. Your life is on the line!"


Anonymous said...

Any truth to this person's claim that one of the Fukushima reactors in on fire?

M. Simon said...

Celente is delusional. Totally. There is no need for an oil war if the US was putting more effort into extracting the oil available on its own shores. We could drive the price of oil down far enough so that the Middle East dictators became more concerned with their own survival than with causing trouble in the world.

It wouldn't require a war. It would only need determination to develop US resources.

And getting rid of the military will end wars? That particular move on the part of great powers usually starts wars because all the places formerly afraid of military action become emboldened. Peacemongers have probably caused more wars than warmongers. Weakness invites wars.

Think of the world as a bunch of rival gangs. What happens when the big boss goes down? All the little bosses start fighting to get a bigger piece of the action.

Celente is an idiot. But I repeat myself.

The Sarah Doctrine

M. Simon said...

Let me add - doesn't anyone remember the lessons of the 1920s and 30s when peacemongers were ascendant. Anyone care to go through 1939 to 1945 again?

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