Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Less Than 11 Hours Till the Evacuation Zone Becomes No-Entry Zone in #Fukushima

And some of the residents who had to flee their homes after the explosion at the Fukushima I Nuke Plant are scrambling to come back home before the clock strikes midnight and the evacuation zone becomes the no-entry zone with roadblocks manned by the Police.

TBS News reports (in Japanese, 12:12PM JST 4/21/2011) that unless they have the special permits issued by their cities and towns that allow them to enter the zone, the residents will be turned back at the roadblocks. If they persist, they could be arrested or fined, though the government says the Police will do their best to persuade them not to enter.

(OK, that TBS News disappeared very quickly, though they have the similar news here. I don't know how soon they will take this down.)

Yomiuri says the residents within 3-kilometer radius cannot come back at all.

Did you see the poor dog on the leash in Futaba-machi in the CNN video clip? The owner cannot come back to take him.


Anonymous said...

Have they put any hard numbers to the displaced? It should be pretty easy to figure out for some one familiar with the the local demographics. Like I figured the evacuees are only gong to be allowed to take a few boxes of stuff each. I'm sure there is going to be a lot of angst involved in the exile. I can't imagine trying to fit my family's entire life into a few cardboard boxes in a couple of hours. I wonder if some people will ignore the decree and try to clandestinely return in the coming months to retrieve more personal belongings? It could become a business opportunity for people if the local municipalities would issue permits for people to run retrieval services.

The saddest part is most of these people probably won't be seeing their homes again for years and some possibly decades (if ever). I bet a lot of people are expecting to move back in line with TEPCO's road map. This is sure to lead to frustration in the future. I would bet the people who lived within 3km aren't going to see their homes again. There is probably a lot of "hot" spots around that close in and it just won't be economical to fully decontaminate the area. It will probably become a future "nature" park and Japan will showcase it to the world like the Russians are doing around Chernobyl.

I'm sure this ban applies to the media and NGO's like Greenpeace. This is like the no go zone BP setup around the Gulf oil disaster. It will make it a lot easier to control the flow of information coming out of the exclusion zone. The MSM will be spoon fed happy thoughts and wishes and they'll regurgitate this pap as facts for mass consumption.

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