Wednesday, April 20, 2011

US Department of Energy #Fukushima 1st Year Dose Estimate

Much more detailed than what the Japanese government is willing to provide. (No surprise there.)

A wide area beyond the 30-kilometer radius evacuation zone may receive 100 millirem per year (which translates to 1 milli-sievert/year), according to the US Department of Energy assessment based on 334 flight hours of Aerial Measurement Systems (drones, reconnaissance), 150,000 measurements by Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and Japanese sources, and 504 samples taken in Japan and analyzed in the US.

The US Department of Energy says their dose estimate is conservative, not accounting for time spent indoors.

The 80-kilometer evacuation suggested by the US government for the US citizens in Japan, if you look at the 1st year radiation dose estimate on the 3rd slide, looks very much justified.

For this and the past assessments, go to "The Situation in Japan" at the US Department of Energy.


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