Sunday, June 19, 2011

Contaminated Water Processing at #Fukushima: The Water Was Simply Too "Hot"

for the system to handle, TEPCO found out.

From Asahi Shinbun (1:02PM JST 6/20/2011):


TEPCO investigated the contaminated water treatment system that was halted [when the radiation on the Kurion's subsystem exceeded the limit (4 millisieverts/hour) set by TEPCO] and announced on June 20 that the problem was caused by the flow of the water that contained much more radioactive materials than expected. TEPCO is conducting the test again to measure the radiation level.

Well, over 100,000 tonnes of highly contaminated water at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant are estimated to contain 720,000 terabecquerels of radioactive materials.

If Kurion's vessel absorbed enough radioactive materials in 5 hours and it should have taken 30 days, as I wrote in my previous post, the water was 144 times as radioactive as the system had anticipated.

If the water actually turns out to be 144 times as radioactive, the Fukushima accident would need a new INES category and should not be placed in the same category (Level 7) as the Chernobyl accident which released only 5.6 million terabecquerels of radioactive materials. Maybe it should be simply called "Level Fukushima".


Anonymous said...

l'amateur de thé...
And in your past posts you have been quite conservative about the level of these releases.
Nuclear energy is proving very very expensive.

Anonymous said...

they are eventually going to get the okay to simply pour it back into the ocean, or allow another "leak" that will do it for them so they can say they didn't want it to happen. Japanese fishermen will fight it, but the majority of humans do not know enough to respect the oceans. And besides the parents near Fukushima, very few in the world will really consider the global effects. Let's call the new world order media/public awareness the "Fukushima Bubble."

Anonymous said...

wonder how the fukushima bubble will pop?!!

Anonymous said...

It's getting more frightening by the day.
Thank you for the good job ! You are a very precious and reliable information source.

Anonymous said...


There are so many tales in so many different cultures around this world, that warn you NOT to deal with the D____. He will promiss everything, and at the end you have to pay, a tremendous price, your soul, your life or your beeing, however you tell it. Probably it is an "input" for most humans. But we have these mega-corps, that are supported by the states, and by law, that make you make a deal with the D____, and you don't even understand what it is, as they are claiming it is good, it is risk-free, it is like the oportunity of a free lunch, governement approoved. HA HA but you've been fooled. These dealers, they manage not to be responsible anyway. They've had their super wages, they have their properties far far away, and you are there to pay the price for the foolish deal they have lead you into. And if you questioned that deal they have clubs to bang your heads and mobs to bash you.
You're a bad citizen before and after the meltthrough.
Ma-ma, nihonjintachi gambate. Nihon suki kedo.

Anonymous said...

EX-SKF, I'll post a couple of questions here, that people might want to consider.

1) We keep hearing about cooling, but the heat released from nuclear fuel rods is produced by decay, so the heat released surely will be proportional to the decay half-lives of the material in the rods. In this case, we'll see lots of heat from any fissioning (maybe over by now), then more heat from short-lived, quick decaying fission and daughter products, then millions of years of heat from slow decaying Uranium 235 and 238 and thousands of years for Plutonium.

2) I read somewhere that all the Iodine and Cesium was boiled off from the Three Mile Island accident. Can we expect that this *should* have already happened at Fukushima, and that we are still seeing I and Cs being released being a sign that there is still some fission occurring?
I can't find a link to this assertion, but I'll keep looking.

netudiant said...

There is a suggestion now that the sensors were reading the radiation from the incoming water, rather than the filters. While this may be correct, it is difficult to understand why the readings would not show this quickly, rather than after several hours. It may indeed be simply that the water is much more contaminated than had been expected from the samples that were taken.
With the plant very close to overflowing, it may be that TEPCO had envisioned this possibility and that the 'silt fence' around the water intakes was envisioned as a possible external overflow site. This might also help clarify the logic of dumping bags of zeolite into that water, which seemed inexplicable at the time.

Anonymous said...

>This might also help clarify the logic of dumping bags of zeolite into that water, which seemed inexplicable at the time.

The zeolite was dumped in the sea due to elevated readings of radioactivity in the sea at the intakes, due to 'cooling water' dumped on the reactors finding its way out to the sea.

Quote from April 3rd
>Tepco had confirmed on Saturday, according to the NHK television station that the leak of water [into the sea] with a radiation of more than 1000 mSv per hour. Greenpeace expert Wolfgang Sadik described the measured values as “life threatening”. The nuclear group then called experts in Tokyo to help, reported the newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun.

There has been less water escaping as leaks at the plant site have confined the water to the building basements.

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

WOW! That would be 103,680,000 TBq! If that was true Fukushima water alone would be 18.5 times greater than Chernobly's total claimed release. That is way higher than just "going to 11". Remember back in the good old days when AREVA claimed "The unit “***will*** sharply reduce the radioactivity levels.

“The contaminated water must be treated rapidly as it is preventing Tepco from repairing the power plant’s power supply and cooling systems,” Areva said in the statement. The unit “will sharply reduce the radioactivity levels of the treated water, which could be reused in the power plant’s cooling systems.”

I don't know if anybody posted this story yet.

Plan B?

Hey look AREVA blog US that's funny the entries stopped 4 days ago. I wonder why?

netudiant said...

Hey look AREVA blog US that's funny the entries stopped 4 days ago. I wonder why?

Possibly because the French government unexpectedly announced that the CEO, Ms Lauvergeon, would be replaced by her deputy.

Separately, we do not have 18.5x the Chernobyl outfall of radioactivity, there was not close to that much in the 3 reactors to begin with. Things are bad enough without needing any hyperbole.

Lastly, my very limited experience with zeolites leads me to believe that just dumping bags of it into water is ineffectual. There will be diffusion of the dissolved cesium into the zeolite, but the process is slow. It is sort of like putting a spoonful of sugar into a glass of iced tea. Unless you stir it in, you won't get a sweetened drink anytime soon.

BeJesus said...

AS if mankind does not know how to use the winds and currents, The greed systems in a failure mood the Bibles Revaluations 1/3 of the oceans and 1/3 of the land 1//3 of mankind,even the Rich cannot escape

Anonymous said...

"Maybe it should be simply called "Level Fukushima"."

@ Anon 3:28,

".. but the majority of humans do not know enough about what TEPCO really does during the night."

fixed it for 'ya

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