Tuesday, June 21, 2011

#Radioactive Tea in France: Correction from Shizuoka, It Was Green Tea After All

and not the green tea blended with roasted rice. It was exported by the same tea merchant who was indignant that his tests never showed the level exceeding the limit (500 becquerels/kilogram).

From Yomiuri Shinbun (6:45PM JST 6/21/2011):


The Shizuoka prefectural government announced on June 21 that it was not "Genmai-cha" (tea with roasted brown rice) but "Ryoku-cha" (green tea) that was found in France to contain radioactive cesium exceeding the limit of the EU.


According to the announcement, the green tea was exported along with the "genmai-cha" by the same tea merchant in Omaezaki City in Shizuoka. The tea measured 1,038 becquerels/kilogram cesium, exceeding the EU limit of 500 becquerels/kilogram. Shizuoka will test the tea.

"Aracha" (bulk tea before the final blend) from 3 tea-growing areas in Kanagawa Prefecture (east of Shizuoka Prefecture) is found with radioactive cesium exceeding 1,000 becquerels/kilogram. The Kanagawa prefectural government has asked the tea growers in these areas on a voluntary basis not to ship their teas, as Asahi Shinbun reports (6/22/2011).


Anonymous said...

L'amateur de thé dit
So the tea is contaminated, but the rice is not yet contaminated, is that what I am allowed to understand?
Everyday, I make love with my wife, and it is great !
She likes it a lot and I like a lot too !
But the news here everyday it is like "no fuck tonight darling call me later" So I understand there is something going wrong now somewhere around NPP.
Am I right or what?
Really i cant understand about this alphabet soup...

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