Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#Radiation in Japan: Radioactive Cesium from Urine Samples of 10 Children in Fukushima City

From Sankei Shinbun (6/30/2011):


A citizens' group in Fukushima Prefecture "Fukushima Network to Protect Children from Radiation" tested the urine samples from 10 children in Fukushima City, age 6 to 16, and announced on June 30 that a small amount of radioactive materials was detected from all samples.


The highest amount of cesium-134 was from an 8-year-old girl, at 1.13 becquerels per liter. The highest amount of cesium-137 was from a 7-year-old boy, at 1.30 becquerels per liter.


The samples were taken in late May, and sent to the French laboratory ACRO (Association pour le Contrôle de la Radioactivité dans l’Ouest) to testing for radiation. ACRO has experience in surveying the radiation exposure in children after the Chernobyl accident.


ACRO's president David Boilley said in the press conference, "There is a very high possibility that children in and around Fukushima City have been exposed to internal radiation. Prior to the [Fukushima] accident, these numbers would have been zero."


wrshpr said...

This is crazy....are you going to view the upcoming Times webcast? It is $65, but should be a pretty cutting edge front seat. If you need some assistance, we could see if five or ten people would be willing to donate 5 or 10 dollars to the cause to you through PayPal so we can get a report summary from it without having to pay out the entire amount ourselves. re you familiar with and do you frequent the Fukushima Scribble Nuclear Live Blog? It can be googled or go to

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Results for all 10 samples here:

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