Thursday, June 30, 2011

Radiation: Like an Angel's Smile

A medical doctor in Koriyama City in Fukushima Prefecture has a cheerful message about radiation exposure after the Fukushima I Nuke Plant accident. As you've already heard from the other good doctor Shunichi Yamashita, yes indeed, "radiation is good for you", and it is good for Fukushima's future.

The doctor has a slide presentation on radiation in Fukushima Prefecture on his website and this is his conclusion:

Conclusion: A small radiation is good for your health

There are two sides to radiation.

Small dose: Like an angel's smile (even at 50 millisieverts/year)

Large dose in short time: Like a devil's violence

From now on, the number of cancer patients in Fukushima will decrease.

Food items with a small amount of radiation will fetch "premium".

Fukushima Prefecture will be the Number One health land in Japan, and people will flock to Fukushima.

Our future is bright.

Like Disneyland, I suppose.

His conclusion is that Fukushima has "an angel's smile", i.e. almost harmless, if not beneficial, small amount of radiation.

Looking at his presentation, he seems to have come to the conclusion because:

  • Fukushima has received a small amount of radiation when it rained on March 15 and radioactive iodine and cesium that were in the air fell on the ground with the rain because of the events on March 14 and 15 (Reactors 2, 3, 4 had explosions) that released a relatively large amount of radioactive materials;

  • Now it's mostly only cesium on the surface emitting gamma rays;

  • They will never know the radiation exposure level in Fukushima until actually measured;

  • There are people living in the places with high radiation; and

  • There are data to prove that the long-term radiation exposure of 50 millisieverts/year decreases the number of cancer cases.

He tells us to just think of it as soaking in a radium [radon] hot spring (hormesis effect), particularly if we're over 40.

Still, the doctor thinks that the community should do everything to protect children. His suggestion? Surround them with lead panels that will block radiation. (Lead poisoning anyone?)

What we can do for children:

Remove surface soil from schoolyards.

Put up lead panels on classroom walls.

Shorten the commute time to and from school.

Drive children to school, and school should allow cars inside the school gate.

Shield children's room in the house with lead.

Shield children's bed with lead.

If these measures cannot avoid 1 millisievert/year radiation exposure, then consider relocating children.

It seems to me to be infinitely better not to use lead panels around children and simply relocate them first, but I am no doctor.


Anonymous said...

LOL! "Our future is bright."

Reminded me of:

Timbuk 3 - The Future's So Bright

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell, where are these nutty doctors coming from?
But then again, when I lived in Japan most of the doctors I encountered weren't fit to work in a drug store.


Angel of Death

Anonymous said...

Classic case of yet more delusion in Japan, the doctors in Japan are incompetent and reckless most of time and this proves it further... The Japanese are complicit in all this as they wont stand up to the bullshit fed to them, they go along with it all like sheep and dont give their opinion, i have lost respect for them.. stupidity reigns here in Japan.

moonkai said...

Nice post SKF ... I love the humor you put into it! Remarkable job as always !

Anonymous said...

"stupidity reigns here in Japan"

Relax, this is one doctor. You're judging a nation of 120m by the opinion of a single guy? Would love to hear that secret heaven on earth where everyone's as smart as you.

I talked to my pediatrician and his opinion was very reasonable. He did make the point though that non-Japanese are much more worried than Japanese, possibly because of our Chernobyl experience (which nobody seems to have told anyone in Japan back in 1986).

Anonymous said...

This is one case of many idiots here, the governor of Shizuoka for example saying that green tea there is healthy or the alsok group in fukushima wanting to distribute fukushima vegetables all over japan because they are tasty, or the government telling schoolkids to wear long sleeve shirts as a defence against radiation in koriyama...the list goes on..

Its time people woke up to the reality of the situation rather than living in denial...

Anonymous said...

That's not being stupid, that's being "political" or a "liar". Not the same thing.

Anonymous said...

The people who believe the powers that be and take it all at face value without questioning a thing and then exposing their kids to radiation because the teachers and local town hall said its all ok are stupid...

CrisisMaven said...

Thanks for that post. The "West" still gets very little inside information about Japan in the sense that we are not aware of local protest or ballyhoo such as the aboce "doctors".
Indeed the immediate effects of radiation exposure are difficult to measure and the "jury is still out" on the question of a radiation hormesis effect. Simply because if it were true that additional (small) doses of radiation are generally beneficial, THEN people in regions with naturally higher background radiation should be healthier, no? Like Kerala, India? In fact, higher ambient radiation generally leads to higher rates of birth defects and cancer etc.
So in all probability higher radiation around Fukushima will lead to esp. higher rates in leukemia in children etc. However, the real impact may not be seen until ten generations later, since all the recessively inherited mutations will only begin to show when the genome becomes sufficiently "mixed" as to allow recombination of recessive with recessive. While dominant mutations are "weeded out" mostly as they happen and often lead to abortive pregancies many of which even go unnoticed, like in the first days after conception!
This is why immediate effects may seem negligible while the damage has already been done but will show its full extent only when all perpetrators of the Japanese nuclear program are long dead, and after having lived out their pensions to the fullest instead of having to pay through their noses for the genocide they may have caused.

Anonymous said...

In a way I agree with the Doctor, but the problem is that radiation is generaly downplayed.
Take a ex, like Radon, they say that it causes cancer, but when we are talking about other isotops, we get earsshattering silence.
Cancer pre, WW2 was a rear event, and after the nucklear weapon/ind started to impliment nuks, cancer rates hav since risen, exponetialy.
We already know that its not Only cancer, I am more worryed about "leser" damages, like the impact radiation has on humans and animals Autoimune system(diabetes is one)
There is mounting evidence on that, but somehow it never surfaces in our dayly life and the media world we surounds us with.

And again, this is no Hollywood film, damages to exposure dont work like a zombimovie, or what ever. Its a slow and growing prosess, it will go months before it manifestes it self thru statistics.
But statistics is just as proven in this case, just another way of telling lies.
There is no way to independently verify anything, that we "know" about the Fukoshima accident.
They are all still lying and downplaying, all the time.

Anonymous said...

He is correct that low-level exposure decreases cancer; however, I wouldn't call 50 mS low-level. People need to wake up, start monitoring, and families with young kids need to move. Putting a spin on radiation does not magically make it safe.

Lora Morgan said...

It is very very sad...

Apolline said...

A video in japanese, Arevamirpal will understand it :

Protest from a young man in front of building where Tepco's meeting is.
Friendly frenchy

Ono said...

Thanks for spreading this information all over the world.

He graduated from Kyoto University.

He specialized in Radiology.

I cannot believe what he is saying....

the voice in your head said...

Having to read and fight these crazy dudes' illogical pro-nuke garbage and so-called radiology specialists' denials and happyspeak bullshit is probably going to be the death of me quicker than radiation exposure.

Anonymous said...

Now let's hope children won't suffer from lead poisoning.

Anonymous said...

All of the 'good' Doctor's recommendations revolve around one thing, avoiding condemnation of the government's inaction.

This guy, rather than have the kids see their parents and govt. responsibly remove the radiation by cleaning, would subject the kids to the grotesque presence of lead panels in their schools?!

Bring it down to earth level, these characters are whacked!

And yes, areva, your humor is appreciated. Truly.

Find a well-dosed "radon spring" and, like the horses that eat 'til they vomit then eat more, force him to take a long, 'healthy' soak.
He is underwriting subjecting others to exactly that, isn't he?

Yes, he is.

Anonymous said...


Like an Angel's Smile.

Talk about a burdensome imagination.

Anonymous said...

"An investigation is underway in attempt to determine who used explosives to blow up levees upriver and east of Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station around 10:00 Friday morning."

"People in the Fort Calhoun area heard explosions and then realized the levees were being exploded. They phoned Emergency Management Coordinator Jeff Theulen on Friday morning, wanting to know why levees were being blown up.

"One caller claimed to have witnessed the explosion." reports KETV."

"The transformers are surrounded by floodwater and high-velocity pumps are continually pumping water away from them. The transformers power internal pumps, which operate cooling systems keeping the reactor core and the spent fuel rods from overheating.

"Maintaining electrical power, operating the pumps, is our biggest concern for the station, and we're able to fully do that at this time," Nellenbach says. Officials say the plant went off the power grid temporarily on Sunday and was powered by backup generators, but they say it is now back on the grid.

Officials did not allow journalists directly into the rooms housing the reactor core and the spent fuel rods, but did allow them to view those rooms via closed-circuit cameras. The rooms did not appear to be damaged by floodwater."

Anonymous said...

Most the doctors outside of Tokyo in Japan, especially the ones out in the rural area are very whacked and use anticated midevil methods akin to fairy tale healing and old wives tales, to cure common ailments. They have been conditioned as such by the Elite and unfortunately will meet their demise face down in the sand like that poor soul that got ravaged by the Tsunami. They want to will lies into truth causing the end of Japan as they know it. I speak from experience and can speak both Japanese and English. I hope the people wake up soon to reality. Their lives depend on it!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:04,

"to will lies into truth" could easily be the nuclear industry's motto.

There is an obvious schism in the nuclear industry. People within it that make far more sense know thorium is a much cleaner solution.

When you go up against the waste products of uranium you inherently go up against those who need plutonium.

To watch intelligent people go silent in the face of that schism tells you a lot about the people you are dealing with.

It is to watch adolescents being put in charge of the place.

I'll fix a little of your English,
"midevil" should be medieval

used to be pronounced a little differently than nowadays hence the spelling

Anonymous said...

They've found radiation in eastern Canada. We're all dead. We just don't know it yet!

Anonymous said...

"They've found radiation in eastern Canada. We're all dead. We just don't know it yet!"

If that's true, then the military's been dead far longer, and doesn't know it.

You know, depleted uranium, weapons factories, ..

Anonymous said...

"One caller claimed to have witnessed the explosion." reports KETV."

TEPCO would have denied the report, any explosions, and accused people of fearmongering.

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