Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#Radiation in Japan: 60 Becquerels/Kg Cesium from Eggs in Fukushima (Video-clip added)

From TV Asahi's "Hodo Station" on July 26, in the segment that discusses the lifetime limit of 100 millisieverts radiation.

A chicken farmer in Kawamata-machi in Fukushima Prefecture has brought his eggs to a volunteer testing station in Fukushima City. After 20 minutes of testing, 60 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium is detected from the eggs.

Disappointed, the farmer says, "I don't know what to say to my customers. It's much lower than the provisional safety limit in Japan, but if I compare the number to the safety limit in Ukraine it is extraordinary..."

The reporter asks the farmer, "What is the safety limit in Ukraine?"

6 becquerels/kg, he tells the reporter.

The man who runs the station says, "For these farmers, the provisional safety limit in Japan is just too loose."

Kawamata-machi is 47 kilometers northwest of Fukushima I Nuke Plant.

The Japanese government's mishandling and concealing the radioactive fallout information has resulted in radioactive water, vegetables, fish, mushroom, beef, hay, pork, manure, compost, and now eggs. And the farmers like this chicken farmer who clearly wants to sell only "safe" eggs to his customers are at a loss. To the chicken farmer, 60 becquerels/kg was just too high to sell his eggs in good conscience.

20110726 食品安全基準 生涯で100mSv以上は‥ by PMG5


Morbid said...

Starvation is all that is left.

Anonymous said...

One thing that's emerged from this Fukushima disaster is the extraordinary number of people in Japan who are honest and who care. This stands in stark contrast to the corruption of their political class. Clearly, the Japanese people deserve better...

Anonymous said...

I'm rather relieeved to know that there are farmers in Fukushima who won't use "Beat baseless rumors!" as their motto and who conscienciously care about consumers.

@ortospace said...

did anybody understand whether the contamination came (also) from the feed or simply from hen inhaling contaminated air and fallout (although I assume that most hen used for producing eggs are kept indoor) ?

nika said...

think feed and water. air fallout impacts feed and water.

mike in tokyo rogers said...
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mike in tokyo rogers said...

Worried about it? Don't eat it:

Anonymous said...

I applaud this farmer. So sadly, he and many others should have been evacuated months ago. He only lives 47 kilometers away. I hope he can relocate and get support finding meaningful work. Tragically, TEPCO has destroyed so many lives.

Anonymous said...

Incompetence and lies.
Incompetence, when they are supriced by the rad. levels and are suprised, and when is messured.
They are not paying atention or is now been driven from corner to corner.

Lies, they dont tell uss anything of anykind of wurth, its just reports and have no meaning whatsoever. And they have a better mapping thats reviled, but thats where the lies kicks in.

After 4 months they have only made their own sitation wurse and have to lie all the time, or face the consequensess, and they are not looking god, are they, TEPCO.
Probably not, so we run a puppetshow instead and pretend that all is "normal".

This is beyound tradgedy, its a criminal coverup.

Anonymous said...

Very odd that they, the Japanese government never says the word plutonium, as there is or isn't plutonium in the eggs!

Anonymous said...

I am an organic gardener in Colorado and have decided to let my land rest this year because I don't know if it is safe. In the weeks after the meltdown we had heavy rains that my old civil defense Geiger counter showed traces of radiation.
My hat is off to the egg farmer who values his customers over money. It is the love of money that has caused this whole catastrophe and makes it worse every day.
I would like to take in a family from Fukushima looking to evacuate and resettle in the US.
I pray for the people of Japan, especially the children.

Masher1 said...

The Whole island of Japan... Given enough time will succumb to the Plutonium and it's decay products.

This event is STILL ongoing and not too much is being done to limit exposure and deaths along this very nasty time line.

Revolutions have begun over far less severe events and the poo has yet to strike fan.

Anonymous said...

I fail to see any way that this can end well, and I find it amazing that there is still positive spin in the media about the Japanese "market" and Japanese "industry" . But, how can there be business as usual? How can there be recovery? The food, the air, the water, the animals (the people) are all becoming increasingly toxic, and this will get progressively worse over the next few years. What sort of future does this hold for the Japanese people? It's like watching a slow-motion train wreck. They must evacuate.

Anonymous said...

i salute the farmer who refuses to poison his customers by selling contaminated eggs.

does anyone know if there is any sort of organization to help those farmers who are "voluntarily" withholding contaminated foods from the market? they are losing their livelihoods over this, and I would like to help them in some way.


hire a web programmer said...

I would suggest not to eat them as anything affected with radiation has a strong impact of cause for the health problem.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that this kind of system rewards businesses who won't "voluntarily" withhold their contaminated products from the market, while all the honest ones go out of business. The government should toughen up and make it mandatory. I think the people in Japan could have dealt with this disaster better on their own without the government.

Ramaswami Ashok Kumar said...

The good farmer has demonstrated that this is an extinction level event- the explosion of reactors and the slant of reactor no 4- caused by the cumulative effects of inherently dangerous modern civilisation. Please shot down all reactors in the world and look after them so they are isolated from the biosphere. NOW start the process. See

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Anonymous said...

Absent the efficacy of smothering Daichi with BORAX, every scenario outlined in this article is Grim, beyond words:

The egg farmer has my respect and admiration.

The organic farmer in Colorado, same.

woop says: people of Japan, may God be with you.

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