Friday, July 29, 2011

#Radioactive Compost Has Been Sold in 23 Prefectures

It's attracting far less attention, but the radioactive leaf compost is getting to be like the radioactive beef.

First, it was 20,000 bags sold in Akita. Then, an unknown number of bags sold in Tottori (link in Japanese). Now it turns out 200,000 bags of the radioactive leaf compost from a retailer based in Gunma Prefecture have been sold at least in 23 prefectures, Tottori included, at the retailer's 166 outlets throughout Japan.

Home gardeners in 23 prefectures ended up irradiating their garden soil.

From Mainichi Shinbun Japanese (7/28/2011):


Tottori Prefecture announced on July 27 that 14,800 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium was detected from the leaf compost sold at a home/garden center "Cainz Home FC" in Tottori City.

 県と運営会社カインズ(本社・群馬県高崎市)によると、この腐葉土は同社のプライベートブランド商品「バーク入り腐葉土14L」。栃木県と岩手県 のほか、タイやベトナムから輸入した植物を基に、栃木県鹿沼市内の業者が生産。東日本大震災以降、23都道府県の166店で14リットル入り約13万袋、 3リットル入り約7万袋を販売したという。

According to the Prefecture and Cainz Ltd (headquartered in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture), the leaf compost is sold under the company's private brand. The compost is made of plants from Tochigi and Iwate Prefectures, and from Thailand and Vietnam. It is made by a manufacturer in Kanuma City in Tochigi Prefecture. Since the March 13 earthquake/tsunami, 130,000 14-liter bags and 70,000 3-liter bags have been sold at the company's 166 stores in 23 prefectures.


The radiation level at 1 centimeter from a 14-liter bag was 0.7 microsievert/hour. No radiation was detected in a 3-liter bag.


@ortospace said...

Either the ineptitude of the authorities is beyond our worst forecasts, or they're voluntarily spreading radiation all around in order to mess up future epidemiological research... very sad in either case.

Stock said...

SKF great job, PS I like studying and trading the markets also.
I do have my own put together radiation resource as a page on my stock blog, here.


Anonymous said...

Check out the "reduced to clear" items in your local (unethical) supermarket. Ours has a tiny section in aisle 5 of all pacific rim products carefully selected. None are any where near their due-date......just sayin'

Anonymous said...

This is the perfect "dirty bomb" being unleashed on the Japanese Public. It also is a psy-op for understanding how the Public reacts, the types of lies need to be used, how to identify any "whistle-blowers", how to deal with Governments on the local level, etc...Brilliant!

All under cover of a natural disaster. That is why plants are built in earthquake zones. Zionists have time on their side to wait until these plants meltdown. Zionists have the "1000 year agenda" Hitler model. Their plan is to just wait until a good disaster happens then, not let it go to waste....heard that before?

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