Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fukushima Children vs Government Bureaucrats on Aug 17, 2011 (Video)

The showdown of some sort happened on August 17 in a meeting set up by the Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation, between the 4 children from Fukushima Prefecture and the junior bureaucrats from the national government.

It was widely disseminated in Japan and abroad when that happened, and many people were rightly appalled at the pathetically bureaucratic answers of these bureaucrats (what else could you expect?) to the children.

Tokyo Brown Tabby translated the exchange and put the caption on the video. This is the first half of the event. The second half, where the officials answer the children, is being translated by Tabby and will be ready shortly.

Children were reported to be very disappointed and hurt by the non-answers from the bureaucrats, which were totally expected (or should have been expected by the organizers to begin with).

Personally I have a mixed feeling. This reminds me of the Fukushima peach PR campaign the other day by the Fukushima junior high school students on their school trip to Yokohama City. The fruit growers use children to push their belief (that what they produce is safe), and the non-profit organizations against nuclear power also use children to push their belief (that the government should do everything to protect Fukushima children from radiation).

And who are hurt by the negative response or experience? Children.


rtega said...

Your last sentence says it all...

Aizen said...

Poor little angels...

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