Wednesday, September 28, 2011

#Radioactive IODINE from Milk from Miyagi Prefecture

(UPDATE: Now, Niigata Prefecture's site says it is radioactive CESIUM, not iodine.)


Niigata Prefecture announced the result of the test for radioactive materials in milk and milk products on September 29.

Iodine-131 was detected from the milk from Miyagi Prefecture.

According to the Niigata prefectural government site:

Date tested: September 28
Item: Milk
Place produced: Miyagi Prefecture
Radioactive cesium: ND
Radioactive iodine: 19.1 becquerels/kg

Remember those detections in wide areas of Japan in mid August to early September of iodine-131 in sewer sludge, and mostly dismissed as a patient or two in each city being treated for thyroid-related illnesses?

I wish Niigata Prefecture say where in Miyagi, but these milk cows did eat or drink something that was freshly contaminated with radioactive iodine, and I don't think that something was the radioactive sewer sludge.


STeVe the JeW said...

weird that a glass of milk gives you a better idea of what's going on at fukushima than TEPCO.

Atomfritz said...

Maybe this is more of an indication what the cows in Japan are being fed.
I suppose the most urgent task of the Japanese government will be now to find out the peasant suffering of thyroid cancer who p.ssed into the feeding trough.

Anonymous said...

What about the groundwater? It surely is the cause for the rice in Nihonmatsu or the beef in Minamisoma. Most of cattle, paddies and fields are watered with groundwater like people too.

Anonymous said...

Would this be the decay residue from an extraordinarily high level of I-131 released in march/April? How do we know it is recent? If there were 10,000Bq/ltr in March/April, and half decayed every 8 days, we might be getting down to these numbers by now, no? Anyway, I just saw the update. It's radioactive caesium anyway. Now. I have to say I have been reading all the Fukushima data every day since March 11, and I have yet to see a report on the levels of I-131 per litre of milk. I don't think the Japanese government has ever released one, though please correct me if I am wrong. Can you please Occupy Tokyo now? Time for TEPCO to go. That company is slowly killing your people. You must rise up to save yourselves, for the govt and the corporations will not save you, and you are the only ones who can do it. See and

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