Saturday, October 1, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: March 15 6AM Explosion Was "Somewhere in the Plant", Not Near Reactor 4

I just noticed something in TEPCO's past report on its facilities, which I linked in my previous post.

What I linked was their English report, and about the event in Reactor 4 it says this:

"At approx. 6:00am, March 15, an explosive sound was heard and the damage in the 5th floor roof of Unit 4 reactor building was confirmed."

I always assumed that the explosive sound was from Reactor 4. Then a few minutes ago I was reading the same report in Japanese, and what TEPCO says there is slightly different:


At approximately 6:00am, March 15, an explosive sound happened [somewhere] in the plant compound. Later, a damage in the 5th floor roof of Unit 4 reactor building was confirmed.

It does not say the explosive sound came from or near the Reactor 4 building. (Besides if I translate literally, it doesn't say "explosive" at all; it says "big sound" or "loud noise".) It lets readers naturally assume that the big sound was from Reactor 4 because of the damage you can see today, but technically TEPCO isn't connecting the two events - big sound and the damage in the Reactor 4 roof. ("Damage" is such an understatement.)

Checking the explosive events for Reactors 1, 2 and 3, TEPCO's Japanese and English reports both say "near Unit 1", "near the suppression chamber [of Unit 2]" and "near Unit 3".

Companies like TEPCO, as well as government ministries and agencies, craft their language very, very carefully. Particularly for the event like this nuclear accident with huge liabilities TEPCO has been extremely careful in not saying what it doesn't want to be construed in a wrong way.

It is possible that I am reading too much into this, but I do believe that TEPCO does not quite know what exactly happened in the early morning of March 15. It is clear that some explosive event happened, but TEPCO doesn't quite know where it happened. So in the Japanese report it said the explosive sound was heard somewhere on the plant, and in English report they decided to drop the location altogether.

Whatever happened that morning, it released a huge amount of radioactive materials that spread all the way down south to Tokyo and beyond.


Anonymous said...

i heard that TEPCO likes to send employees late at night with flashlights to nuclear reactor 4

Alex Smith said...

This is the best Fukushima blog in the world. I continue to recommend it to concerned people who write me as a radio host.

I find many posts heart-breaking.

I also renew my offer. Let's talk about the situation in Japan, and your blog, for an interview for Radio Ecoshock.

You can remain anonymous if you like.

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Anonymous said...

Tecpo is like a government. It write some things (like "near the reactor") and says other things when speaking in press conference (like "there was a hydrogen explosion at reactor 4").
This is assuming that the theory of hydrogen explosion in reactor 4 came from a TECPO representative at a press conference.
But this could be wrong, if so, who started to write to say or write it?

Anonymous said...

I guess your onto smtg: this is how all info is delivered to the taxpayer mushrooms. One has to try to read between the lines, then add or substract few zero's depending on the political wind...

Heres my take; to me seems plausible:

I guess the EU (underground) nuke lube dissidents have a consensus of how the channeling radiation has eaten trough (ALL?) base rock under all nuke plants - each one has been using plutonium MOX fuel over ten years now - which was never intended in the first place ... This has bored through the base rock into the mile deep methane layer - causing up-seeping gas explosions that has happened in many places all over the world - like 0lkilu0t0 fuel burying place called onkalo...

The most dangerous from this unofficial group is following whistleblower:

See more at …

See, check also the unbeliavable N R C meeting page

See Arto's interview

Anonymous said...

Part II; Who is Arto?

Arto L a u r i went into 0lkiluoto nuke plant as an electrician in 70′s. Being young interested lad, he grew suspicious, started himself measuring incomin/ouflow temps, cooling water volumes. From this, he calculated that all info given was bs: most energy is wasted as low level heat, typically non usable in steam generators. This waste heat temp dumped into sea was much higher than allowed and stated by the industry … has killed the sea full of fish all around. As the company found out his activity, they arranged multiple ways to kill him, weird ‘accidents’ happened. Like he got an order (did I say order?) to go to strictly ALONE a certain pump room for inspection – sunday morning – for no reason… He did know why, but there was an young engineer on shift that for some reason insisted coming along with him. At the pump room door, Arto grew suspicious and said: “you cant go there, there is some gas leak.” The accompanying young lad laughed and went in, Arto tried to grab him, fight broke out – but could not. So this guy goes in, inhales the chlorine gas at the door – and dies on the spot – in front of Arto. Arto survived, and you bet the whole story isnt here, just the beginning… Translating all would take all my effort, cant do at the moment.

Whatever, he became famous 2-3 years ago in Finland as a nuke whistleblower: the very same nukeplant used to pump out tritium directly in the waste-heat water – first class offense. Directly into the sea: now whole Baltic sea is worlds most radiating – partly because of this they had been doing who knows how long. This reveleation became news, he was interviewed in Finn StateTV. Result: lots folks in the nukeplant top mgmt were fired. As usual, the whistleblower, here Arto, was also kicked out. Since then, he has hit the web very industryously with his writings, being harrassed, censored and whatever. Latest kickout from a reputable blogsite was because he exposet the banal B r e i v i k N0rwegian p0lice hoax…. Watch out his interview in youtube, you can see his personality – he isnt the typical MSM-besserwisser. He is authentic. As any of us, surely has not got everything 100% right, but that is not the issue. I can bet 95% of his claims are true. Maybe more. Luckily his house is one mile from 0lkiluot0 – allowing him to make his own observations from the “science only” – taxpayer off-limits – “clean” natural island.

Anonymous said...

Part III

So those efficiency-claims rise from his writings: he is a self made nuke physicist, having more knowledge on radiation than any physist in europe. He has amassed physics books – BEFORE 1945 nuke age censorship struck all books down. These old books (NOT Lauri) are showing the modern periodic tables are (intentionally) wrong. All nuke industry is in hystery because of his revelations. He has calculated that 0,5% of all reactor uranium core content – every nuke plant – is lost every year. Only via direct radiation: currently only four radiation types are measured, while there actually are about 50 different rad-types. Most destructive on equipment is channel-radiation – he claims this is also behind fukushima daichii reactor 4 xplosion. The reactor was empty – but still xploded. The channel rad has ‘eaten’ all baserock 1000meters down, causing methane gas seepage and gas xplosion. (Refer above how/why the suspicious “measurements” scientist are doing under nukeplants, ‘seeking’ for the 13th Ɵ-nuclei, hidden from books after 1945, see Every nukeplant baserock has become porous, mainly from the plutonium-mox channel radiation. Also this rad ionization is behind the need of ‘grounding/neutralizing’ (seek for ‘chemtrails’) very ionized air masses above nuke plants. This betaflare-phenomena was his exposee. This same rad-coctail is killing humans on global scale; all 0lkiuot0 personnel has become genetically sick [top secret] … arto says hundreds of his plant collegues now cancer-dead – like I guess on every nukeplant. These exposees, as said, keep N r c etc busy harassing this guy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes by all means follow the retarded moron they get lonely in their basement.


netudiant said...

This is the worst accident in Japanese history.
It was the result of stupidity, greed and cowardice, combined with arrogance and complacency.
Element Theta and 'channel radiation' discussions are best posted on blogs dealing with Scientology and/or the Illuminati. They have no place here, where people are trying to grasp an ongoing tragedy with the help of a remarkably dedicated blogger.

Anonymous said...

"It was the result of stupidity, greed and cowardice, combined with arrogance and complacency."

Absolutely. But this is too simple an explanation for anonymous retarded moron. He and Arto have to make this some kind of super complicated evil genius population control plan the Jesuits hatched and are using the help of the nuke industry to actualize it . Obviously the illuminati are so hellbent on sickening as many people as possible with radioactive fallout that they don't even care that such a plan will include themselves and their offspring too. Yes, very genius indeed.

tony roma said...

explosions,,,someone should ask the israeli security team that was on duty at the time.and ask them for the footage from the 15million dollar super hd camera system they had put in a few months earlier.

Anonymous said...

They either don't want to reveal information that can put them in a bad light (kinda late for that tbh), or they simply don't know what the hell is going on.

What we already know is enough evidence that TEPCO should not be in charge of anything nuclear related, while holding them accountable for that huge mess.

lol @
What a terribad joke.

Anonymous said...

"These old books (NOT Lauri) are showing the modern periodic tables are (intentionally) wrong. "

What is wrong with the modern periodic table, exactly, hmm?

Are you referring to Walter Russell's pre-1945 periodic table? That is public knowledge and you can look up his biography and work on the net. It's no secret!! Geez, you make like Arto discovered some ultra-rare document "they" are trying hard to suppress. All books written by Walter Russell are still readily available and you can buy them online--just Google it. You can also see his periodic table online for free by Googling "Walter Russell" images. So I guess nuke-age censorship did not strike down all pre-1945 books on the subject. Congrats, you and Arto are both dumbass liars just like TEPCO.

Anonymous said...

Oops how funny, but Facts Missing - as always, u lack ability to read:

One nuance from the pile of the Facts: Kashiwakazi Kariwa by Karsten Heeger LBNL - proposal to find ϴ13 ... 07/2003 ... Sadly for yall happyclowns, theres no connection to me or Arto.

Whats still missing? Hello, FTW? Pills? Mushrooms? ...pls correct ASAP...

Note for the unawares: I just present issues compiled from various scientific sources. This must be irritating for the nukelubed forumshtters - as my person has no connection in the FACTS - except typos [LOLplenty]...

Anonymous said...

Correction: Sorry. I did edit this N R C meeting -paper. Nothing added, but re-arranged to be readily readable. (However, Wont hlp You, Nukelubed. Its So Sad.)

N R C meeting 2003 - concerning trimming overaged reactors (!) beyond xplosion point (!!) with plutonium (!!!) - one of the reasons behind thus planned Fukushimaplosion


Atomfritz said...

I had to think long about why Tepco now appears to withdraw older statements about what is supposed to have happened.

Mainly, I don't find a plausible answer what advantage Tepco could gain from this.

Somehow funny that this attracted some conspiracy theorist commenters.

However, there is one possible point: This would enable Tepco to later blame somebody or something else.

Maybe they'll later state that the reactor blowups were a terrorist act, like bazooka sabotage from some rogue Kim Jong Il followers, Aum members or even Al Quaeda.
Or even a godly act, as Tokyo mayor indicated long time ago and got boo-booed for.

Anonymous said...


Advisory Committee 512th Meeting a conspiracy theory!? WTF theses lunatics keep on stinky droppins.

So Sad.

Atomfritz said...

@anon 7:36

Dear Finnish friend,

there is a big problem with your pages.
1. you mix information of other sources with your own information and opinions in a way that makes it difficult to impossible to know what is from you, and what is from other sources. This makes it practically impossible to link your pages as reference. (Just look how Ex-SKF makes clear what he quoted from where, so there remain no unclarities)
2. your pages usually are very very long and often they don not show a structure making easier to find where you write of this or that particular thing of interest. (Please divide into chapters, smaller sub-pages and connect them via index pages.)
3. as your pages are very big, all possible things are mixed there that should be kept separate. For example, what you write about the geologic problems of the Okiluoto radwaste deposit granite bedrock, its cracks and water flows is very interesting and should be publicly looked at seriously as it is apparently not done yet. However, nobody can link to your page when he has to say "look at the text beginning around megabyte 58, and ignore the other things like HAARP and secret radiation tunnels etc." So, please again separate this by ways of chaptering or individual articles.

This all would make your pages way more effective.
It really doesn't help the issue if things that should be treated separately are thrown together wildly.
Anyway, the NRC session transcript regarding reactor upgrade problems is not "censored away" as you indicate. A simple google search for the document shows that it is publicly available from various sources, not only the NRC ones. Wrong accusations of covering things up also don't help our issue.

Please, rethink your way of publishing things. The way you used to do this is not very helpful.

Thank you.

the original Ms. WTF said...

"Anonymous said...
Oops how funny, but Facts Missing - as always, u lack ability to read:

One nuance from the pile of the Facts: Kashiwakazi Kariwa by Karsten Heeger LBNL - proposal to find ϴ13 ... 07/2003 ... Sadly for yall happyclowns, theres no connection to me or Arto.

Whats still missing? Hello, FTW? Pills? Mushrooms? ...pls correct ASAP..."

Is that an answer to "what's wrong with the modern periodic table?"??? Is that even an answer? Is that remotely understandable? No, no and NO. Do you just copy Arto stuff without even understanding what you copy on your lamebrain website?

Who are the "yall happyclowns"? You mean the commenters here?

The only facts missing are the supposed ones on your website. Arto makes far fetched stuff up and you follow. He's almost as good as TEPCO. Arto could have been a great asset to the anti-nuke movement but instead he is a total embarrassment, even in Finnland. Your craaappy haaarpy collage website is helping make him an even bigger embarrassment. You know you've failed miserably when even the anti-nukes shun you. Do all of us "happyclowns" a big favour and fuck off, okay, It's because of people like you and Arto that the nuke industry is easily able to brand anti-nukes as nut cases. I'm beginning to think Arto works for the nuke industry and is a deliberate plant because nobody that is not insane is that dumb.

Anonymous said...

"One nuance from the pile of the Facts: Kashiwakazi Kariwa by Karsten Heeger LBNL - proposal to find ϴ13 ... 07/2003 ... Sadly for yall happyclowns, theres no connection to me or Arto."

What does this have to do with suppression of any pre-1945 periodic table? Neutrinos can change oscillation but cannot change into any new. To really understand neutrinos, Arto needs to experience a (really)close encounter with a solar coronal mass ejection. That would bring him total enlightenment and at the same time bring us relief from spammy linkys.

Anonymous said...

nukelubed forumshtters---is that some kind of new mattress

Anonymous said...


To understand Today, You have to know the History.

General Electric Reactor's Fukushima history is revealed (also) in the regulatory meetings...

The 2004 meeting leaves no questions who is responsible ... high time YOU knew your irradiated genetic history.

Note that the nukelubed do their best to hide the Facts from you (as seen above).

Advisory Committee 512th Meeting



Ref: Official Transcript of Proceedings; NRC-14 Pages 1-119


The full committee met at Regulatory Commission, Two White E Room T2B3, 1154 Rockville Pike, USA

Anonymous said...

Artolubed, you are like some kind of short circuited(if not fully retarded)spammy linky bot. Nothing anyone writes here gets through to your tin can enclosed brain. Who is questioning the nuke industry's responsibility? Do you see anyone writing anything positive about the nuke industry here?? We don't need your linky poos to figure out that the nuke industry hides facts.

antiRadman said...

...this spam guy is finnish? i thought from a hood in jersey. yo

antiRadman said...

p.s. love ya ultraman. you are a good person

a female Faust said...

This was why i thought you would be interested in the following article, even though it needs better (some) footnotes. It is not mine. It is very very interesting. Perhaps is why TepCo's language describing the blasts was so ... careful? FUKUSHIMA: POSSIBLE CAUSES & COVER UPS

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