Monday, November 21, 2011

France's Sarkozy Chimes in on Iran Nuke

Wag the dog, till the tail comes off...

From Zero Hedge (11/21/2011):

Luckily the market is all stable and stuff and can handle the prospect of a potential Iran war.


Now where is that weekly US naval update...


Anonymous said...

@ arevamirpal::laprimavera
hello, compared to the avalanche (not say tsunami) of pathetic comments in Zero Hedge blog, I would suggest the average IQ here is much higher.
Although your last post about Iran... made me wonder...
Anyway you're very good at selecting info on nuke matters in Japan, I'll say keep on and thank you.

Maju said...

It may be the ultimate attempt to distract the attention from the most serious and grave internal problems of Europe. With loyal governments imposed to Mediterranean Europe, the new Napoleon can on rampage in the name of the New World Order, Zionism (he's a radical Zionist and an extremist Islamophobe) and French nostalgia of their mythical "grandeur".

I have argued that, if Greece would dare to default, Turkey would be used to bring them into discipline but that such a circumstance was not easy to replicate in the case of Italy. Breaking an all out Mediterranean and Near Eastern war with pretexts such as Islamism may be a hidden ace in the pocket the European oligarchic rulers in order to keep all Mediterranean Europe (the new colony) in line, as well as the also quite rebellious Arab World.

It won't happen tomorrow (I think) but it may happen anyhow. Careful.

Anonymous said...

Of course, Sarkozy, who is Jewish (he did call Netanyahoo a liar but Jews are allowed to say those things to each other, Obama could never get away with that - Sarkozy is still in office!) is part of the Zionist Power Configuration which James Petras outlines in his books including The Power of Israel in the United States. Beyond hypocrisy this is CHUTSPAH ON STEROIDS !!!

Anonymous said...

Andrew Jackson:
After 12 years during which the Second Bank of the United States, ruthlessly manipulated the American economy to the detriment of the people but to the benefit of their own money grabbing ends the ( jew bankers,) the American people had unsurprisingly had enough. Opponents of this bank nominated Senator Andrew Jackson of Tennessee to run for President.

To the dismay of the money changers, Jackson won the Presidency and made it quite clear he intended to kill this bank at his first opportunity. He started out during his first term in office, to root out the banks many minions from government service. To illustrate how deep this cancer was rooted in government, he fired 2,000 of the 11,000 employees of the Federal Government.
The French have been butt kissers for jew money for a long time and Sarkozy is a jew and is no good for France. President Andrew Jackson knew of all their evil ways and their agendas. He put a stop to it while he was in office.
.................................................. ....................

Maju said...

Even if Petras is very much right in his argument about the ZPC (and so many other things) I must say that when I try to research economic control, almost all key people are WASPs and not Jews (there's the occasional Jewish- and Italian-American) but most are WASP from the USA (and less commonly Britain or other Anglo states). Even Goldman Sachs, which has a deeply Jewish history is now in the apparent hands of WASPs (although it's nigh-on-impossible to find out who is the ultimate owner you can see who the managers and the managers of the broker firms are).

The ZPC exists and it is indeed very powerful in the USA and other countries but it includes (more and more) non-Jewish "Zionist Christians" of the ilk of Obama or Clinton. It seems to me more of a hybrid ethnic configuration in which Zionism is a pillar but (mostly Nordic) European ethnocentrism is even more important.

Also Sarko is Roman Catholic, even if he has part Jewish ancestry. He's not more Jewish than Torquemada, even if the meaning of the term has evolved somewhat in the last 500 years. He's more in the line of Napoleon III and De Gaulle than that of Ben Gurion, even if all were equally fascist.

While I do think that the Zionist Lobby or ZPC or Jewish (plus) mafia is extremely powerful, more than any other non-WASP ethnic faction probably, WASP-American and Northern European bourgeoisies are still even more powerful.

Anonymous said...


With all due respect, you have to read up on the topic. It is an empirical fact that Jews, Zionists, Israeli Firsters, hold overwhelming key positions in finance, government, media. Yes, they could never get away with it without the complicity of the non Jewish participants, and Christian Zionists who support Israel due to misreading of the Bible. Your comments are a contradiction since you acknowledge the power of ZPC but in the end say they don't run the show. Who is Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernancke, The Rothschilds and so on, up the food chain? Petras, Sniegoski and many others have shown how the Zionists took us to war in Iraq, with the help of the useful goyim. You are in denial my friend.

Concrete man

Anonymous said...

" who support Israel due to misreading of the Bible. "

Can you give me one example of the Bible being misread by Christian Zionists. Just one example.

How is Isaiah misread?

Maybe instead of misreading the Bible, you mean that Christians cherry pick the Bible to suit their agendas or that they conveniently omit the violent crap their God is perpetrating like bashing infants to death and skewering people with his sword or that the Bible is one of the stupidist, illogical pieces of work ever to be put together by man. Note I say "one of the".

Anonymous said...

Maju, your second comment was largely correct but the first one had some problems.

Sarko has been very inefficient ever since his "reign" started. Fortunately for us, he is a bumbling narcissist. Also, he identifies a lot more with the aristocratic Hungarian line (dad) than with his Greek Sephardic roots. But ultimately, he is not very relevant, even though Libya has made him drunk with arrogance.

Greece and Turkey have a more complex relationship now than ever throughout the 20th century. There are Turkish companies in Greece and vice versa. There are also Greeks moving to Istanbul to live and work there (this used to be very easy up until May last year, because you could enter and leave -- do the visa run -- as often as you wanted). So even though the NATO has been selling expensive planes to both Greece and Turkey, a war between them is quite unlikely. Turkish urban bourgeoisie, especially secularists, also tend to have a soft spot for Greece and Greeks (many of them, of course, have Greek greatgrandmothers), but you're not supposed to talk about that kind of stuff.

Concerning Iran: I don't think Russia would be happy about any military action there. Israel has had a few defeats since Lebanon (2006). The US is also overstretched. That doesn't mean that they won't try it out, but if they do, things will get nasty for all players.

Unlike Iraq, which was a secular country with underlying ethnic and sectarian tendencies, Iran is much more successful in promoting patriotism (although only about 50% are native speakers of Persian and the rest are ethnic minorities).

If Iran is attacked, it will be a much bigger bite than they can handle, and I've heard in Turkish-language media (BBC Turkey no less) that Turkey also opposes any military action against Iran.

Personally, I am much more concerned about Syria, since it's an easy picking.

Saying that Israel is a deeply problematic state with partially racialist ideology is one thing (and it is true), but saying that there is a world-dominating Zionist plot is utter bullsh*t.

Our world is screwed up enough between corporations and states, we don't need a conspiracy to explain for it. Now, flame away!

Anonymous said...

PS (Can't resist)

Isaiah was a Semite and he wrote in Hebrew, not English. He (or Jesus) wouldn't understand a word of the King James Bible.

In fact, most people would call the police if they saw Yehoshua ha-Natzri (that's what he called himself, not Jee-zoos) as he was, homeless and with long disheveled dark hair, riding on a donkey.

Maju said...

I know that my comments "are contradictory" (to some extent) but reality is complex and dialectic and this "contradiction" only shows that complexity. What I see is that reality is more complex than a mere one-sided "Jewish plot" - even if that also holds clues to the real structure of power, because the Jewish mafia and Zionist International (not possible to take apart from each other) are key players in the power structure but not the only key players and probably not even the top ones.

There are other ethnic mafias and a most important one is that of the WASPy and related NW Euro bourgeoisies, whose power we are watching naked in the Euro-crisis, but we can also track easily in the key positions of the corporate powers.

Throwing all the blame to Jewish conspiracies is in the end naive and false. It's just one (central) piece of the puzzle but the conflict is above anything else one of a class war.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:01, okay..., well..., you got that right, but then you are exceptionally intelligent so try harder to resist answering any of my questions next time. Modern Christian are not able to think that far back and they need further translation through a pastor or reverend. Yes, If Jesus came back he'd definitely need an English to Aramaic translation to understand the book his father supposedly wrote.

Are you originally from Lebanon by any chance?

Maju said...

As for Sarko, I think he's much more relevant than it's usually admitted. He was the one to stir the pot in Libya, in parallel he was able to gain control of the IMF (with Lagarde who is his close ally), both in agreement with some Anglosaxon (US, Britain) factions and in disagreement (at least in Libya) with Italy and Germany (Italian and German oligarchies).

France is also the most relevant player in the Greek crisis showdown. It is French banks who have the largest investments and yet Sarko has managed to have Germany pay the financing and the IMF plus Goldman Sachs to play other key roles, while he appears more "neutral" (yet he or rather his capitalist backers of Axia and the French banks are the pivot around what all the crisis revolves).

I agree that he's obnoxious and narcissistic but Hitler was too, so? Careful, very careful with that fascist of Sarko because he's able to initiate a nuclear war just to save his and allies' "investments" (robberies).

"Personally, I am much more concerned about Syria, since it's an easy picking".

There will be some sort of development in Syria of course but the fall of Assad is generally perceived as bad for Israel. Whatever we may think of the Damascus regime and whatever the official discourse of anti-Zionism, it has been a factor of stability: Arab peoples all oppose Israel quite viscerally (and with good reason) so democracy in the region is bad for Israel (and for Saudia too).

Anonymous said...

"He (or Jesus) wouldn't understand a word of the King James Bible."

Me again!

And not only because he spoke Aramaic...

Had, say, the bishop of Rome and others not been excluded from the 325 AD Council of Nicea gathering, semite- Jesus would have very possibly been demoted to prophet status, and not dreamed up into Lord and Saviour. The papists would have been out-voted on his divinity issue. Yes, they held a vote(but you already knew that).

Thank God--King James found the true teachings and had them translated in 1611, eh? Hehehheh.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Christian Zionists, see: Scofield Bible. This is a very educational power point that gets to the heart of this matter.
Technically not a misreading but a grotesque revision of the original to suite Zionist interests. Christian Zionists and almost most mainline churches now completely omit mention of the New Testament dare they happen across Jesus' words Blessed Are The Peacemakers - which will get them in hotwater with the Zionist lobby.

As for Maju, he just repeats his claims, ignores important points and won't deal with evidence.

Anonymous said...

I am not Lebanese, no. But I gave a Byzantine reference elsewhere, so someone with semi-decent knowledge of geography and culture can trace me.

All that Britisher stuff has little relevance to my people before the twentieth century, and I don't like missionaries from any of the Abrahamic religion. Jesus is much dearer to me as a suffering human than as a "big boss up there", and they didn't speak English at Nicaea either, not even Anglo-Saxon. Horsa and Hengest were doing that stuff, all the way up there, worshiping Wotan and Thunor, which is perhaps still more appropriate for some English speakers anyway.

I know about European sense and nonsense, I'd rather hear some more about Japan and how its people are surviving this atrocity. That's the only reason to hang out here.

Anonymous said...

Mejia, I agree with you once again on Syria.

But Sarko, no, I think he is actually quite dumb (probably with at least some vicious but semi-capable advisers), but the entire European cadre have put up a deliciously horrible show in recent years. Generally, they're middle managers, not leaders, with very few ideas and certainly no courage.

Schroeder was in some ways a lot more intelligent and more vile than Sarko, and his policies had a bigger impact on Germany than Sarko's have had on France. I really wouldn't focus so much on Sarko, France is going to have plenty of financial and social problems very soon, and there might be a lot of unexpected factors coming into play.

My sense and my ardent wish is to leave the Triad soon and go somewhere outside of the US and Europe. Everywhere is rotten, but I need a break from a specific kind of rot.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:14, you are of Christian Greek speaking origin then.

I am of eastern european descent and also find Jesus to be much more endearing as a human mortal than as Lord and Saviour of a bunch of head cases who thought up a Son for such a violent warmongering God as is his father.

The only reason I hang out here too is primarily for updates on the Japanese nuke disaster. Playing with our pathetic resident troll is also fun at times.

Anonymous said...

Sarkozy is Jewish and an obvious Israeli agent. He is the one that got the Invasion of Libya going and will push the Israel agenda at all costs. He has no concern for Europe and certainluy not America, other than keeping them strong to support Israel.

Anonymous said...

And on that note:

Zionism, Militarism and the Decline of US Power

And what are the names behind the Wall Street greastest crime of the century, the stealing of trilliions of dollars and destroying the economy? Yes, many Gentile names, but key players include Alan Greasenpan, Ben Bernancke, Jamie Dimon (demon), Larry Summers, Bob Rubin et al,. and Obama's administration is chock full of other Jews as well. The people that did 911 were almost all Jewish as well;

Anonymous said...

Most of the people who claim that America has been perverted by Zionism don't give a hoot about First Nations or black people.

My "friends", maybe your ancestors were given a little wood hut in Wyoming or South Carolina (stolen from the First Nations), but much of the enterprise was rotten from the start (how many quarters of a human being was that?).

You don't need any Jews to do anything, your own rich do a fine job at milking you.

I say it, and I am a blue-eyed European immigrant.

Anonymous said...

Above: yes, of course, there is plenty of blame to go around.

In Douglas Reed's magnificent book, The Controversy of ZIon, it is very clear that throughout history the pathology of Judaic ideology could not have spread if it had not been for the willing complicity, moral cowardice, and blatant stupidity of the Gentiles at any given time during the last two thousand or so years. Also, Jews themselves have been the worst victims of the crazy religion that oppresses its own and promotes hatred of non Jews (see: Michael Hoffman, Judaism Discovered). A film by Yoav Shamir called Defamation ( ) is brilliant and funny, and profound: an Israeli asking why everyone hates Jews and finds out they don't, but the brainwashing in Israel depends on this "trick". It is an old trick and worn out. Many Jews are only vaguely or dimly aware of these historical facts and are embarrassed to know the truth, in the same way that average people in all parts of the world are only dimly aware or completely ignorant of the history that has led us up the present chaos.

How do you know the critics of the Judaics do not also care about other issues? The point is, all issues currently lead back to Zionism, the hub of the New World Order.

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