Monday, November 21, 2011

Radioactive Strontium Found in Central Tokyo

(UPDATE-2) Asahi Shinbun carried the news:

朝日新聞11/22東京版  on Twitpic

(UPDATE) So far, it is dead silence from the Japanese MSMs; even the critical papers like Tokyo Shinbun is mum on strontium in Tokyo.


A citizen group did the soil survey of three locations in central Tokyo, and had the soil samples tested for radioactive cesium and strontium. All three had both.

Summary of reporting by Yasumi Iwakami, independent journalist:

Locations and amounts of radioactive materials:

Kiyosumi Shirakawa Station, Koto-ku:
Radioactive cesium (134 and 137 combined): 19,126 Bq/kg
Radioactive strontium (89 and 90 combined): 44 Bq/kg

Yurakucho Station, Chiyoda-ku:
Radioactive cesium (134 and 137 combined): 20,955 Bq/kg
Radioactive strontium (89 and 90 combined): 51 Bq/kg

Front of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Chiyoda-ku:
Radioactive cesium (134 and 137 combined): 48,176 Bq/kg
Radioactive strontium (89 and 90 combined): 48 Bq/kg

It's a poetic justice that the amount of radioactive cesium is the highest at METI. I hear TEPCO's headquarter building in Tokyo also enjoys rather high radiation.

Iwakami cautions that radioactive strontium may be confirmed to have come from Fukushima only after the detailed analysis at a laboratory that can separately measure strontium-89 and strontium-90. The presence of cesium-134 seems to prove that at least radioactive cesium found in the soil samples is of Fukushima origin.

I believe there is only one or two laboratories in Japan that does that; one of them is the laboratory that TEPCO uses for the radionuclide analysis (Japan Chemical Analysis Center).

It looks like the national government may make a comment or two on this discovery later, some people are hoping that the government does. What would the government say? Let me guess... How about "No immediate effect on health", and "We should only worry about cesium, forget the rest".

By the way, you may recall the discovery of radioactive strontium on the rooftop of an apartment building in Kohoku-ku in Yokohama City in October. There has been no response from the city to the citizen who measured it, and no action from the city whatsoever on removing the highly radioactive sediment from the rooftop or decontaminating.


Anonymous said...

funny the chinese measured strontium in august from seawater! there was a documrntary/video of a physisist who was getting help fron hiroshima university that thested soil samples quite soon after the meltdowns... he discovered a unique daichi signature that was unusual for these types of accidents... he did not divulge the full list of isotopes FOR SOME REASON ? sorry i cant find the video (wonder why?) although ive looked...the chinese reults can be googled... if you know you are being lied to? what do you do?? sit back and watch NHK? or get your young people enrolled in european universities.. in belarus children and teenagers go to ireland and japan to allow the cesium to bleed out of their systems!! no shame in following the example set.. its good medical practise.. dont wait for the iaea medics to do the experimentation on your young ones!!! follow the best practise from belarus...
my heart goes out to the japanese people! i understand your reservations.. but you need to move, not because of the radioactivity that MIGHT or MIGHT NOT be there, but because of the lies and lack of transparency of nuclear matters.. gos bless you all! and thanks for all your good work here admin!!
peace light and love

Anonymous said...

i was reading Bejamin Fulfords site-he lives is Toyko and is fluent in reading and writing Japanese-he says that his geiger counter shows there is not a drop of radioactivity in Tokyo-I think he has gone bonkers

Anonymous said...

Bejamin Fulfords is interesting: 1) as he is physically in tokYO this is his 1 chance to be useful 2) He self proclaims to be a spokesman of Yakuza

Anonymous said...

Geiger counter readings in Tokyo are indeed low for most of the city --hottest areas are Adachi-ku, Edogawa-ku. And areas outside the center like Okutama, Kashiwa, etc. I've seen Geiger readings taken by friends from Nerima, Nakano, Shinjuku, Minato and Meguro-ku, and they're all mostly a bit above normal, but not shockingly so.

This does not mean however there aren't any hot-spots in the soil, or that Strontium will not turn up. There may not be much Strontium present, but even a little is quite bad news.

Anonymous said...

In anticipitaion of the government commenting yet again these levels are absolutely nothing to worry about, I was wondering if there are objective criteria to evaluate these readings? Does contaminated soil actually radiate Gamma rays (or anything else for that matter)? At what concentration Bq/ kg would there be an actual risk to public health?

Anonymous said...

50 kBq/kg is not the kind of activity you'd expect to find in connection with anything but a nuclear accident of some sort. This beating around the bush is needless. Of course it's from Fukushima. Where else?

Anonymous said...

We will soon be buying japanese ultra-light spades (material is pure compressed rad waste) to bury the dead. Actually gvmts will raise taxes and donate em spades to the unfortunates...

Here is a simu-video, TEPCO fuku. Showing how the contaminants spread all over Tokyo. Funny clouds, always long on the pacific, clipped when they turn over Japan. But watch out for Tokyo.

See the video here, linky glued in the end of this pdf-file. Oh, whata trick to keep it hidden...


Anonymous said...

"I think he has gone bonkers"

Corretion: Bonk€r$

Anonymous said...

The issue is Plutonium - focus on that!

Anonymous said...

No - the issue is not plutonium. Plutonium might be one a ton of issues, most of them more pressing than getting a becquerel count of plutonium.

Anonymous said...

Benjamin Fulford is interesting in a pathological sort of way. He is interesting in the same way Courtney Love is; they are both train wrecks. To the Japanese he is a non-entity. His Japanese is mediocre. His neurosis is world-class.

Anonymous said...

It is VERY well-known that he is a cocaine-addict and was forced to become divorced from his wife for beating the shit out of her. This guy is completely pathologically sick, and how ANYONE can have anything to do with him is beyond me.

In fact, Jeff Rense doesn't have him come-on to spew his nonsense any longer because he is just so incredibly rude and arrogant to Mr. Rense.

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