Sunday, December 18, 2011

Japan's PM Noda Takes to the Street

He is set to make a speech on the busy square in central Tokyo (SL Hiroba in front of JR Shinbashi Station).

Many angry net citizens in Japan are tweeting and urging people in Tokyo to go there with eggs and rotten tomatoes.

Rather unusual for a sitting prime minister to give a speech on the street, but he supposedly built his political career by making street speeches day in and day out in his younger days.

Right now, a shrill-sounding female minister of his administration is talking. Yasumi Iwakami's USTREAM channel is doing the live netcast right now.

I guess the entire administration is on the offensive to sell to the general public its wonderful idea of raising taxes and cutting benefits so that the government can spend more at will to help Fukushima, now that the nuclear accident is over.

"Without rebirth of Fukushima, there will be no rebirth of Japan", says the PM's Office. I see.

Someone in Japan tweeted that one of the effect of low-dose radiation is lower intelligence.


Anonymous said...

Thought there were to be no more leaks, Mr. Noda?

Anonymous said...

That f'er ain't gonna show, there's too many people there already.

Stock said...

220 tons! a puddle, the audacity. the brazenness.

WTF are they thinking!

al mostshat said...

I heard that Noda used to joke that he was "eki mae Noda" because of his penchant for making speeches in front of the station. (Sue him for breach of copyright all you ex-NOVA professors!)

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