Saturday, December 24, 2011

Protesters Trying to Deliver Statement to TEPCO's Chairman Katsumata Blocked by the Police

Live net coverage by Yasumi Iwakami's IWJ right now, here.

200 policemen guard the entrance to Katsumata's mansion. Protesters and on-lookers on USTREAM are upset that their tax money is used to protect TEPCO's chairman, who in their eyes is a criminal.


Anonymous said...

Little canary said...

Dont they understand that if police and officials protect themselves means that they are all involved to be part in this money making machine scandal?

Is Simple as that.

Please do not take it personally is just BIG business.

They cant afford to stop and change jobs at this point.

however I agree with 99% of indignated japanese people.
Change your ways to approach them!

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