Saturday, February 18, 2012

Minister of Foreign Affairs Genba: "Wearing Masks Is Baseless Rumor"

In the Budget Committee in the Upper House of the Diet in November last year, Foreign Minister Koichiro Genba said "There is a baseless rumor created by the foreign media by showing people wearing masks".

Not surprising from the minister, who, as the minister in charge of national strategy in March 2011, said "Let's all cheer for TEPCO!" after 3 reactors blew up in one way or another, and radioactive plumes swept through parts of Tohoku and much of Kanto, as TEPCO and the national government were implementing the totally unnecessary "blackout" to scare the nation into continuing to accept nuclear power generation even after the Fukushima disaster.

Not surprisingly, he is a politician elected from Fukushima Prefecture.

Like many politicians in their 40s and 50s in Japan, Genba looks like a third-grader with wrinkles. Failed to mature, or remaining youthful. Take your pick.


Viola said...

This is what I wrote in the comment section of my upload:
"To understand this video, you have to know that there exists a citizen's group in Iwaki that's currently trying to provide all children there with masks to protect them from radioactive pollen. A radiation level elevation of up to 10% could occur due to pollen dispersal.
A manufacturing company offered them to send 5.100.000 masks for babies, children and pregnant women, but the board of education of Iwaki refused and only accepted 1.000.000.
It cancelled as well a meeting with this group and refused to give detailed numbers about the children in school that would be needed to protect them accurately."

Cause and effect...

Viola said...

forgot to post the sources, I'm sorry... Here they are:

The citizen's group
Japanese sources

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