Sunday, February 12, 2012

NISA on Reactor 2 RPV Temperature: Not a Problem

(UPDATE: Latest temperature is 89.6 degrees Celsius as of 5AM, 2/13/2012.)

since it is most likely to be the instrument failure.

Yomiuri Shinbun (2/11/2012):


As the temperature at the bottom of Reactor 2 Pressure Vessel at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant exceeded 80 degrees Celsius, which is the upper limit in the safety regulations, Yoshinori Moriyama of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency held an ad hoc press conference in the evening of February 12, and said "The reactor as a whole is well cooled. There is no change in the amount of radioactive materials released, and there is no problem with the safety", sharing the agency's view that there was no need to change the status of "cold shutdown state" that the national government and TEPCO had declared at the end of last year.


According to NISA, there is only one thermometer among several that shows uptrend and the temperature fluctuates widely, which has led to the speculation that it may be the instrument failure. NISA issued an oral instruction to TEPCO on February 12 to come up with a report to the agency regarding the ways to measure the temperatures of the RPV, and how to handle thermometers that are broken in light of the safety regulations.

Just remember that NISA is staffed with the nuclear and electric power industry people on leave.

In TEPCO's defense, though, the declaration of "cold shutdown state" to the derision of the world (even in Japan, surprise) was made by the prime minister of Japan whose interest seems to be more aligned with the "global" community than with the subjects in the increasingly Orwellian Japan. TEPCO went along with it, for sure.


Anonymous said...

Broken temperature gage? Fine, as long as all the officials who agree to the "theory" live in the danger area. So should the "broken" device --be reporting correctly -- and the situation deteriorates further, they can be the bill payers with their lives/families and property. How many of the TEPCO and government officials LIVE near Fukushima, with their small children, pregnant wives? Everyone sees the officials in press releases pronouncing the "party line" -- they should all be residents of Fukushima.

gr81 said...

Why don't they just drop one down the hole they used for the borescope when they were looking for the CORIUM?

Use armored thermocouple wire with a weight on it and drop it down as far as it will go.

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