Thursday, March 22, 2012

Iwaki City, #Fukushima Will Start Burning the Contaminated Disaster Debris in the City in April

Not a problem, says the city. The debris from the natural disaster (earthquake, tsunami) was doused with radioactive fallout from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

As I wrote earlier today, plutonium isotopes were found in Iwaki City on a metal plate that had been outside since March 11, 2011, and they were of Fukushima I Nuke Plant origin.

But the city will start burning in earnest in April so that the city is debris-free by the end of 2013.

The residents of the city don't seem totally on board, but just like Tokyo's governor and Shimada City's mayor, the Iwaki City's unnamed officials (in the article below) say the city will do it anyway.

Fukushima Minpo (3/22/2012):

震災がれきを本格焼却へ いわき市「線量、問題なし」と判断 

Iwaki City will burn the disaster debris in earnest, "Radiation level is not a problem"


Iwaki City has decided to start the burning of the disaster debris from the March 11, 2011 earthquake/tsunami in the fiscal 2012 [that starts on April 1]. The city conducted the test burn in February, and decided there was no problem with the radiation level. After explaining to the local residents, the city will start burning the debris in the city's two waste disposal plants in April.


Iwaki City has about 40,000 tonnes of disaster debris that needs incineration. If the incineration starts in earnest, the debris will be disposed of completely in the fiscal 2013, according to the city. The test burn was conducted from February 16 to 22 at the Nanbu waste disposal center. Disaster debris was mixed with the regular household garbage at 8.8%, and 860 tonnes of this mixed waste was burned. Radiation levels of exhaust gas, fly ashes, and main ashes were measured, and the air radiation levels inside the compound and in the surrounding levels were measured. The levels were not significantly higher than when only the household garbage was burned. The results of the measurements are published on the city's website.


So far, because of the opposition from the residents, the disaster debris in the city hasn't been burned in earnest. The person in charge at the city government says, "Unless we burn, daily lives of the citizens will be negatively impacted. It may be difficult to obtain the unanimous consent from the residents, but ultimately we will carry out [the burn], and the city will take responsibility."

Well if that's the case, what is your name, Mr. Anonymous at the Iwaki municipal government in charge of contaminated debris burning?

As of February 2012, 8,500 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium was still found in the fly ashes at the incineration plants in the city, and that was just household garbage.


Anonymous said...

Well I for one trust municipal governments and higher, numbers.
8500 bq is not so bad. It will only affect children and women mostly according to studies so I am not worried

Anonymous said...

I think it is already crazy to burn the household garbage there. Burning the disaster debris does not change much. The debris is probably similarly contaminated as the household garbage.

More interestingly, the article states that they measure the exhaust gas radiation as well as the radiation in the surrounding area. In the linked document only the fly-ash and the main ash radiation levels are stated.

I think the exhaust gas radiation levels are much more interesting to get a more complete picture of how much radiation is released into the immediate vicinity.Thus my question to arevamirpal, can you find the alleged document where they published the results of exhaust gas radiation and also the radiation on the compound and in the vicinity?

If we could also get to know how contaminated the burnt garbage has been, we would finally get a proper picture of how much the burning of the garbage releases again into the environment.

Thanks for you great work arevamirpal!!!

Solonsays said...

Nature’s havoc has an uncanny ability to peel back the facade of an evil government and lay bear the darkness of its soul. There has never been a more insidious environmental cover-up that will ultimately sacrifice or harmfully alter millions of lives in the future for the sake of profit than the Fukushima nuclear meltdown. "The Corporate Achievement of Disposable Citizens to Enhance Profits."

Anonymous said...

Burning radioactive garbage in Japan is a radiological attack on the air in both Japan and in North America.

Anonymous said...

Time for all true Americans to save their asses!
Obviously, the Japanese are ready to die so they can be "obedient" slaves!

Anonymous said...

The Japanese gov is totally stupid if they believe there is no radiation in these materials. probably in their dumb mind believe the problem will disappear when they burn it. totally the opposite heavy particles will be relocated wishing to be at the sea.

Anonymous said...

Just say they DO get rid of all the debris. So then all these tsunami hit areas are going to be built up again? Mmmm, doubtful. So lets just keep these areas as garbage areas. it would be a healthy reminder never to rebuild there again. People might even come on 'garbage tours', kids could study a chapter in their English textbooks-actually learn something-and make tearful speeches that win spech contests rather than boo-hoo old war stories (zzzzz).

Those people living/going to school nearby, who are having traumas by being surrounded by the trash need to be shipped OUT of there. There are plenty of empty pockets of Japan waiting for a new population.

Paradigm shifts. Get over it. Life will never be the same. Embrace that and look to the new.
Shoganai, dudes.

apeman2502 said...

I wondered for months how the Japanese people, creators of so much cutting edge technology in optics, electronics and machinery and science could do something so stupid as these nuclear reactors on the beach with their emergency cooling systems 15 feet or so above sea level out in the open with 40 years of spent fuel sitting in brittle cement ponds just above the reactors. Nuclear power plants require extensive planning, though guaranteed to be a bad deal. I helped build one, which was demolished. Then I found out why Fukushima happened. It was sabotaged, after being built to self-destruct.

The Fukushima plant was designed to self destruct. the components of design such as the spent fuel pools and the externalized emergency cooling were put in by GE with Bush41 overseeing this design as ambassador to the U.N.. The Rockefellers were the main instigators of this plant. Organized crime controls the central vote in Japan and 'papa Bush' controls organized crime in Japan. Japan is an economic competitor to Europe and the U.S. is a competitor to Japan and Europe.japan was selling fuel to Iran. So the morons with all the money blew it up. Stuxnet, mini-nukes and all. There will be plenty of incurable cancers to go around in a few years. Every day of more radiation escaping is more deaths. Taking trash to urban areas to burn is racist genocide with Bush41's psychopathic criminals doing it. The fall out will spread to the U.S. and beyond. These idiots are killing all of us slowly and in sickness.

Anonymous said...

Contrary to popular belief..These particles are not all heavy..and will be relocated. The truth is simply that the particles will hover in the sky, with wind blowing but not carrying in it's entirety, the dangerous particles, inevitably these radio isotopes will later come down on the very homes of the politicians that drafted this resolution and also the homes of the elites. This contaminates all breathing organisms, Rothschilds, Obama, Bush and Prime Minister Noda, to you and me..all lifespans will be curtailed for this generation & quite possibly the next few.

Anonymous said...

@anon at 4:32PM, that's wonderful isn't it? Humans with shorter and shorter life? Good for the planet earth, as these "global warming" or "climate change" people would say.

I've read about a researcher publishing in a peer-reviewed magazine about how to genetically engineer humans so that they produce smaller babies with smaller "carbon footprints", or pop pills to modify your thinking. All for the greater good of what I don't know. He or someone else was talking about killing babies to achieve the same results.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Like the earth gives a shit about anything we do to it. If we do to much, it destroys us. It has been here for billions of years. There is nothing we can do to stop it except make the earth unlivable for humans. For those who keep saying "but those who orchestrated this are getting the same radiation and chemicals down there chimneys and in there lungs and systems etc, are missing the point that those same people have the information needed to crush any cancerous effects the world would have on them. You think magic johnson just stopped having aids or the fact that he is one of the most well known people on earth that plays basketball could have helped? The cure is here, and those putting these plans into action have it. how much more obvious do the circumstances have to be. Seriously.

Italics Mine said...

And away goes trouble down the drain.

Anonymous said...

Geez, the people commenting starting with apeman and later...lay off the weed.

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