Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ministry of the Environment TV and Online Commercial on Disaster Debris

Goshi Hosono and his increasingly powerful (= a lot of money) ministry appeal to your emotions to take 33 kilograms of disaster debris per person. What would you say?

Ordinary citizens all over Japan who oppose bringing the debris into their midst to be burned are armed with data and logic.

They're not talking the same language.

But luckily for Hosono and the Ministry of the Environment, what counts is the unthinking majority. And some punks like the youthful-looking mayor of Osaka openly say you have to obey the government in a democracy once the government make it a rule or law with either the majority's consent or their lack of dissent.

The Ministry of the Environment commercial, captioned by Tokyo Brown Tabby:


Anonymous said...

Possibly a good time for citizenry to reflect on their attitude on "being governed".

Sorry to say, but if that's acceptable to the electorate, then they don't deserve any better.

Atomfritz said...

Thank you again for these insights into today's Japan, LaPrimavera and TokyoBrownTabby.

Does the "Ministry of Environment" report how much fossil fuels have to be imported and wasted to ship the trash Japan-wide? Does anybody ask at all?

It's so mad. If this collective madness won't be, it would be so easy to just pile the stuff up in every municipality and cover it with soil.

Practically every German city has at least one "Truemmerberg" (=debris mountain) where the debris of the WW-II allied bomb terrorism against civilians went to.
After their recultivation, these artificial mountain parks do no longer resemble their origin and don't make people grieve.

Actually these mountains are loved by the inhabitants as local attractions, especially the children to which it is usually the only possibility to toboggan.

There would be so much potential in Japan and instead of using it they just incinerate it... it's so sad.

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