Sunday, March 4, 2012

Japanese Government's All-Out Offensive to Push Disaster Debris All Over Japan

The push has gotten noticeably stronger in the past week or so, gearing toward the one-year anniversary of the March 11, 2011 disaster.

Even the far-away prefecture like Okinawa, some of whose islands are physically much closer to Taiwan than to the Japanese mainland, eagerly wants disaster debris from Tohoku to be shipped there (I hate to think how much it would cost), much to the despair of parents who have thought they escaped to Okinawa with their children to avoid radiation contamination.

Now, Prime Minister Noda has promised a beefed-up support (i.e. more subsidy, i.e. more taxpayers' money) to those exemplary municipalities who take the debris and burn, on a TV show.

Jiji Tsushin (3/4/2012):


Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda appeared on a program aired on Nippon Television in the evening of March 4. About the wide-area processing and disposal of the debris from the March 11, 2011 earthquake/tsunami disaster, he said, "We will have to support the municipalities that will accept the debris. The national government will support the testing of radioactivity, which is the only way to dispel fears. In some cases, the national government will conduct the test", indicating the policy to financially support the municipalities that accept the debris.


The prime minister also promised the financial support from the national government when the municipalities expand the existing disposal sites or build new disposal sites. He said emphatically, "The most important thing is to get approval from people near the disposal sites. If necessary, we will go ourselves to explain to them."


The national government makes it the goal to dispose all the debris by the end of March 2014. However, there is a limit to how much debris can be processed at the disaster affected areas, and the prime minister called for cooperation from municipalities in Japan in wide-area debris processing in the press conference on February 10. However, only Tokyo, Aomori Prefecture, and Yamagata Prefecture have accepted the debris, because of the fear of radiation contamination of the disaster debris.

Oh boy. This prime minister may have been a good speaker on the street corner in his younger days, but he doesn't seem to live in the reality-based world.

1. No one outside the government believes the numbers that the government churns out regarding radiation contamination. Even the ranking official at the Ministry of the Environment has admitted that people do not trust any government numbers.

2. His understanding that the only people that should matter are the residents near the final disposal sites is plain wrong. The debris will be burned elsewhere, and the residents near the incineration plants do matter. Besides, the final disposal sites are often located near or at the water source, and even without radioactive materials there have been numerous problems with contaminated runoffs polluting the water and soil, affecting people and businesses downstream.

3. Capacity to process the debris at the disaster-affected area is a matter of debate right now. More and more municipalities and waste management industry people are saying they want the debris to stay where they are, instead of wasting money to transport it as far away as to Okinawa.

But it doesn't seem to matter to the Japanese government a bit. They seem to think if they repeat the same words over and over again people will get weary and give up.


Anonymous said...

Japan Times, Yomiuri News, Mainichi News, NHK and Asahi news should all be reporting both sides of this issue. The Japanese media are not doing enough to report this. JAPAN MEDIA: Stop reading this blog and get out and interview some of the people in the tsunami-struck areas about how this debris is NOT getting in the way of their recovery, and how some in those areas actually see local jobs and local revenue in debris processing. Noda's push to eliminate the debris by 2014 is completely unnecessary for Tohoku and a huge and unnecessary transfer of taxpayer resources to hauling companies, gas companies, and waste management industries. As Media companies you should be doing much more to protect the public from this abuse of power. What good to society are you doing if you support the government on this issue?

Further, has anyone considered that there are undoubtably places in the tsunami inundation zone that could be used to store this waste indefinately? When we talk about re-building Tohoku are we really talking about re-building in a tsunami inundation zone? Shouldn't there be some land where no new building is allowed again? There must be places to store this waste locally instead of paying to transport it all over Japan and burn it in places where there is relatively less contamination.

And most importantly, the govenment cannot test everything that gets burned, and even in testing small samples, they are not testing for every radionuclide in the mix. Further, there is NO SCIENCE that says low doses of every radionuclide in that waste mix is absolutely safe. As long as there is responsible disagreement in the health and science professions about the dangers of low dose radiation and inhaled hot particles, the government should be taking a safe, conservative approach, and NOT sending this waste for burning outside the tsunami zone.

Anonymous said...

Support the testing of radioactivity and in some cases conducting the test.
Whew, what a relief.
We were thinking they were just going to be transporting it all over the place and burning it in facilities not designed for scrubbing radioactive particles.

Anonymous said...

Hello, we (U.S and Canada) should have more say in this because we are directly downstream of whatever the smoke and particles that will be re-released from the debris burning.

I repeat, it's time to boycott Japan and Japanese products. (hey, I'm Japanese)

I see no Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Sony, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Panasonic, etc. standing up for the safety of Japanese kids and women or for their quality of life or environment. All their talks about "Quality," "People oriented," and "Environmentally friendly" are just BS marketing lies, just like the lies of the JP government.

Japan seems to have gone back to the WWII lunatic dictator military mentality, "let us bring a beautiful victory by dying together, by having the young sacrifice their lives for the national cause"...

They are bent on having everyone "share" the burden (of radioactive contamination) under the pretense of "help national recovery efforts." They are even expecting the world to join in this 'sharing' through exportation of contaminated foods and products and re-contamination of wider environment through the debris burning. I call this a "zombie mentality."

When I say something like this, all my business associates in Tokyo call me a "radiation hysteria, paranoid." I don't care. I don't even care anymore how little they care about their own young people. We must now focus on our well being, those of us in the North America and everywhere outside Japan who actually care about the life and health of our children and future generations. Let's boycott Japan and Japanese goods.

Karen Sherry Brackett said...

Agreed, HEPA filters will not control this. They need a air scrubber per incinerator. It just is not logical to do what they are doing unless they are doing it as some form of futuristic preventative measure. The Prime Minister’s background is in physics which means what he is trained in beyond energy generation is nuclear configuration. Unfortunately this training does not prepare him for the chemistry that is involved.

For any young ones who read this post, nuclear configuration has to do with the safe spacing of nuclear material. It is dangerous to have too much material all together in one spot with out controlling the spacing. So, while rods and fuel may be properly handled and safely spaced. Trash is too randomly configured to control the risk of too much material coming in contact. At least that is what I suspect he is thinking?

If you put too much material in contact with each other, it will generate more radiation than if it is properly spaced. He probably is hopeful that some of the radiation coming out of Fukushima is from material contact and that spacing it out will help. That's what physics is about in nuclear energy. While chemist's deal with the chemistry. Nuclear fuel is not just uranium just like coal is not just coal. Actually, a lot people do not realize that most coal reserves are naturally 2% uranium. All coal plants need air scrubber systems as well.

What he is attempting has great health risk without scrubbers. With proper scrubbers it is not so dangerous as long as they are vigilant about keeping the scrubbers themselves clean and as long as they have not accidentally bulldozed into the trash pile junks of fuel that may have gone air born from the explosions. Given some of their fuel was MOX which contains plutonium, I would not risk driving it into cities for incineration because you need multiple scrubbers to properly deal with MOX. Plus, if you start combining the wood with the fuel it’s going to be a triple mess. There’s an old saying that applies here: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Unfortunately, I fear that is the current destination for the Prime Minister’s current incineration plans.

Anonymous said...

Brackett, GO AWAY!!!

Darth3/11 said...

OM F'in G, KSB has discovered the "Enter" key. Still do not trust her info.
And, rahul, could you clarify who you mean by "you"? KSB? Ex-SKF?

Chibaguy said...

@ A4P, if I was your English teacher in high school I would give you at most a D for the ability to not draw conclusions. If I was your acting coach you would get an A+. If I was your science teacher you would be in the hall. Go back to HP.

Atomfritz said...

OMG Brackett,

why do you excret such an utter nonsense?
Do you really believe what you wrote or are you completely nuts now?
Or are you a hired discreditor?

Just to correct your worst misinformations:

-Physicist Kan is no longer PM for a while already.

-Coal contains uranium in ppm trace concentrations only (1-10 ppm according to ORNL). If coal would contain 2% uranium it would be way better than almost all uranium ore mined on the world. Fly ash then would be almost pure uranium oxide...

-Nobody is going to incinerate rubble containing MOX fuel in municipal incinerators, not even the maddest Japanese bureaucrats.

And so on.

Go to Fukushima-Diary please.
They will welcome you with open arms.

Chibaguy said...

@atomsfritz, I suspect KSB is the lone troll without any conscience. This person thinks Fukushima city is right next to Daiichi for some reason. This person will never offer any other insight than what he knows from the 70s. He could care less about the Japanese plight. As the Frying Dutchman said "know your history before you fucking promote something.".

Anonymous said...

No, no, Karen is not the lone troll. She is quite unique. If you google her she really did work for Nuclear Fuel Services in Tennessee for less than a year before they canned her loony behind. Her resume does say "nuke fuel operator"--a big WTF here! Probably everybody around her slowly started to realize she was nuts and a pathological liar to boot.

After she was fired she ran for some political position in Tennessee where she lost big-time while still kissing Nuclear Fuel Service's ass.

She's definitely a woman. She's got a mental disorder(schizoid and pathological lying). Look her up on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Given some of their fuel was MOX which contains plutonium, I would not risk driving it into cities for incineration because you need multiple scrubbers to properly deal with MOX. Plus, if you start combining the wood with the fuel it’s going to be a triple mess.

Wow, I did not know pieces of fuel, MOX or otherwise, where in the debris. Hope the contractors hauling this have lead lined trucks, not to mention lead lined hazard suits. Can a person write anything more ridiculous?

Anonymous female said...

>For any young ones who read this post, nuclear configuration has to do with the safe spacing of nuclear material.

STOP YOUR FUCKING PONTIFICATING ALREADY. ALL of your information is WRONG, ALL THE TIME, and you STILL make like you are rolling out pearls of wisdom. Get some help for your delusions otherwise if you keep posting here we will "literally" beat the shit out of your submissions.

Anonymous said...

Next thing Brackett is going to say is that a pile of debris has gone critical because the spacing( I presume she means configuration) of the imagined fuel it contains is off.

Anonymous said...

What's the point anymore? Just let Edano, Kan, The Doujo, Hosono, TEPCO transport everything everywhere and hide the legal liability they have for stuffing up Japan. They have destroyed one of the best countries in the world. It is easier to just let them wallow in pain in their Singapore apartments they evacuated their families to. Let their guilt get em.

Anonymous said...


CaptD said...


I believe that the Japanese have been holding their breath or almost a year now, waiting for the people Globally to start complaining first verbally then financially about not only their Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster but also the burning of radioactive waste which is spreading Globally!

The global outrage has not been very bad (so far) so the Japanese are now only too happy to burn, dump and SPIN their way into the future!

I think future generations will look at what is happening in Japan as a perfect example of a Government using Science to condem its citizens to an unhealthy future in order to make money for those that control the Government!

TEPCO is now engaged in a Health War not only against the Japanese People but all those living on Earth, downwind from Fukushima!

Anonymous said...

This is a campaign to lower the population of Japan and weaken it's remaining dna so it will not be a threat to the NWO/ Israel. Understand that Israel did Fukushima for the purpose of weakening the Japanese people even more. They fear the unity and strength of the Japanese, which is why they blew up the plant.

Japan is being held hostage by Israel, if they do not stick to the bogus 9.0 quake story and systemtically begin weakening their own people even more Israel and the Rothchild network will attack them with another terrorists strike and economic terrorism.

Stop blaming the Japanese government and work to alert the Japanese people of this plot against them. The government cannot do anything now but obey Israel because the people are too brainwashed to support them.

Anonymous said...

It is scandalous and I wonder why the japanese people don't shout in the streets.

Anonymous said...

"Understand that Israel did Fukushima for the purpose of weakening the Japanese people even more. They fear the unity and strength of the Japanese, which is why they blew up the plant."

Right, it's the blasted Jews, is it?

Do you have control of your brain or does it--after reading conspiracy sites-- just run on autopilot?

You too, like the Finnish troll and Karen Sherry Brackett... FUCKING GO AWAY.

CaptD said...

I wish the anonymous posters would add a screen name to their posts so that we could tell them apart and or reply to them separately!

Please make it easier for others to reply to you so that we can have a conversation instead of "just" a string of individual comments.

This is too important an issue to have sidelined because of just a few posters....

Anonymous said...

If they shift some disaster debris to Okinawa to burn then I know the Japanese Govt is crazy.

Anonymous said...

"story and systemtically begin weakening their own people even more Israel and the Rothchild network will attack them with another terrorists strike and economic terrorism."

And let me guess, the Zionist Jews fabricated all the raw tsunami footage as well? I suppose all the Jews in Hollywood who work on the big blockbusters in the CGI department offered their expertise?

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