Thursday, March 8, 2012

Worker Fell Ill at Fukushima II (Daini) Nuke Plant

From TEPCO's press release (English, as reference) on March 7, 2012:

Call for Doctor Helicopter due to occurrence of injured person

At around 1:55 pm on March 7, at the first basement of Heat Exchanger Building* of Unit 1 (non-controlled area) a partner companies' worker found another worker who was engaged in repair work of insulation material of piping was lying. After that, at 2:36 pm on the same day, we requested the helicopter emergency medical service (called "Doctor Heli"). The worker retained consciousness and suffered no external injury. In addition, we confirmed no radioactive materials were adhered to the worker's body.

By "lying", TEPCO means "collapsed" (in case you're wondering).


Chibaguy said...

@ex skf - if there a Japanese link for this? I take your word for it but would like to use it to show my Japanese colleagues. In Japanese was it 横になっていたor 倒れていた? Anyway, just wondering.

Little Canary said...

Collapse but not dead so the myth that noone died from radiation still going around.

In other words this crisis was a minimum of 20 times the strength of Hiroshima and Nagasaki but noone died from radiation yet, just fell ill lying?

WOW! Do they think that we are Mickey Mouse?

This is like saying too big(tepco) to fail or too FAT to die...

Sorry I was taking Tepco reports too seriously

Anonymous said...

The flu season is terrible in Japan this year..especially in the Fukushima area. Remember the new government rules to keep people in place in case of a "FLU OUTBREAK?". Closing roads and preventing personal evacuation. I think they are getting ready for a massive problem. Unfortunately, if people are already ill with the GI symptoms-they may not feel like driving or walking anywhere. Wish we knew true facts.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@chibaguy, the latter.

Chibaguy said...

Thank you Ex Skf!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 4:25AM, good connection, and chilling, to see this stuff happening on a large scale.

Influenza? or flu-like symptoms? now *that* is cause for concern.

We can only watch and wait.

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