Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ministry of Educaiton on SPEEDI Simulation: "We Can't Make This Public...."

Kyodo News reports (3/3/2012), nearly one year later:

SPEEDI予測「公表できない」 文科省文書に記載

SPEEDI simulation "cannot be made public", according to a document by Ministry of Education and Science


It was revealed on March 2 by speaking with the people involved at the Ministry of Education and Science that an internal memo was created on March 15, 2011, 5th day of the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident, which shows then-Minister Yoshiaki Takagi and top officials at the Ministry of Education and Science held a meeting that day and agreed that they "cannot make the SPEEDI simulation results public".


The Ministry of Education denies part of the story, saying "The memo was created by the secretariat but it is inaccurate. There was no clear decision on whether to make them public."


No minutes of the Ministry of Education's meetings have been made public over the SPEEDI results right after the accident.

You can be pretty sure that no minutes exist.

The Ministry of Education and Science was in charge of SPEEDI. What was made public at that time was that SPEEDI didn't work.

I remember Professor Kunihiko Takeda of Chubu University saying right around March 15 last year that the government (Ministry of Education) decided to hide the result of SPEEDI simulation because it was very, very bad, showing serious radioactive contamination over a wide area.

Well he was right.


Unknown said...

I like Ultraman but have always wondered what the embedded text meant. Could see the word Japan twice but would love translation.

netudiant said...

Well, the data is now public, detailed in the recent analysis of the deposition world wide of the Fukushima radioactivity.
So it seems the Japanese government sacrificed credibility for very little. Of course, this kind of pusillanimity is common to bureaucracies everywhere.
What is irksome is that there is no apparent public reaction to this, or even discussion of the reality that the radiation background in the heart of Japan has been boosted more than tenfold for the next several generation.
Surely that is an area of public relevance that deserves government attention.

PS Re the Ultraman header.
I'd want to keep Ultraman, if needed sandwiched between Fukushima before and after pictures.
You have wider interests than only Fukushima, so a purely Fukushima oriented header does not do your Blog justice.

Anonymous said...

Keep the ultraman image! New image is not interesting.

Sickputer said...

>The Ministry of Education denies part of the story, saying "The memo was created by the secretariat but it is inaccurate. There was no clear decision on whether to make them public."

SP: Decision or no decision is no defense for their genocidal behavior. It is the equivalent of a building owner failing to evacuate a burning building.

Because the radiation danger was virtually invisible gave these human termites the green light to protect their financial interests. They don't care for people and don't want to feed and house millions of refugees.

Japanese are on your own...your government will not help you and will continue to kill you with incineration of deadly radiated waste. They are also too arrogant to ask for outside help to stop the spewing reactors at Fukushima.

Wake up...the impending death of your family and your nation is upon you as you read this!

Majia's Blog said...

I miss the Ultraman also!

I officially recognize Ex-SKF for some of his excellent analyses in my powerpoint presentation delivered at Willamette Univ during the Lessons of Fukushima Conference

My extended powerpoint presentations can be found on these two websites:

Anonymous said...

This is quite unconscionable behavior. I think netudiant is spot on in his analysis unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Yes... I wanted a smaller Ultraman, but miss him. He is a symbol we need. Perhaps as suggested a small photo of wrecked Unit 3 and Unit 4 as opposing bookends to UMan. The black font on the landscape photo is hard to read.

OK... Enough bitching about aesthetics... Content has been superb. Keep up the good work. Japan and the world needs people who will object to the crushing iron fists of TPTB.


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