Thursday, March 1, 2012

(Updated) Video of Reactor 2's Operation Floor (5th Floor) by Quince No.2

Quince No.2 took the video on February 27, 2012.

There are 5 other videos at TEPCO's "Photos for Press" page. This is the video No.2.

Here's the video No.6, following the allegations of TEPCO "photoshopping" one of the still photos (for more on this non-issue, see my post here):


Anonymous said...

The Japanese are the leaders in the world at building robots, manufacturing equipment and delicate mechanisms. Japan is home to some of the best high technology companies in the world. Japanese management has shown the ability to manage profitable companies and plants all over the world.

So why is it that nearly a year after the event do we have lame video like this?

The Japanese government and Tepco is clearly inept, political and out of ideas despite the fact that this is a life or death problem for Japan.

Japan needs to turn this problem over to companies like Toyota or Mitsubishi. This needs to come with a guarantee of several hundred billion dollars. Cheap when you consider the alternative.

These guys can get things done.

Anonymous said...

Simply turning the problem over to another Japanese corporation is insufficient IMHO. There must be participation and oversight by international engineers.
I used to work in the Mitsubishi Motors headquarters and I am all too familiar with the kind of managerial attitude that can create debacles like the TEPCO meltdowns.
Japan has a culture of collective irresponsibility. "Group Think" (think the Kennedy administration during the Cuban Missile Crisis) assures that too many decisions are made that enhance group cohesiveness, not on their practical merits. The problem is built into the very language itself, which avoids specificity. The problem is so bad that Japanese engineers routinely speak English when they want to be clear and precise. The companies that wrought the economic and engineering miracles that transformed Japan after WWII were exceptions to this rule that are none the less subject to it.
I'd suggest hiring GE, who designed the reactors at Fukushima, be an essential part of the team, but considering the design flaws glaringly visible in hindsight (e.g. the control rods are placed beneath the containment vessel, and their holes provide leak channels by which corium can dribble out of primary containment during a meltdown - morons), it might be best to keep them at bay lest they do more damage. -The Japanese have no monopoly on sociopathic corporate stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Well, nuclear power is equal to creating a piece of "HELL" on Earth! Death to all that go near it; endless suffering and pain; entire countries at risk and millions will die; sound like Hell to me!

Nuclear power has never been safe or clean! That's like saying Hell is safe and clean...idiots!

Where are all the people that should be in jail for this? Wait, they are running the countries of the World! We are totally FUKED!

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