Friday, May 25, 2012

Formaldehyde Update (3): DOWA Hightech Didn't Disclose the Existence of Hexamethylenetetramine in Waste Liquid to the Contractor

Contrary to what it just said yesterday to Tokyo Shinbun, DOWA Hightech apparently admitted to NHK that there was no mention of xxx in the information it had given to the industrial waste processing company that stands accused of dumping the substance in the Tone River tributary, contaminating the drinking water in wide areas along the river system in Kanto.

From NHK Tokyo Metropolitan News's tweet (5/25/2012):


Speaking to NHK, DOWA Hightech, the chemical company based in Honjo City in Saitama that contracted the company [to process waste liquid that contained hexamethylenetetramine], admitted that the composition table of the waste liquid given to the industrial waste processing company did not include hexamethylenetetramine. DOWA Hightech further said, "The internal investigation is on-going to find out if the information was verbally given to the contractor."

If that is true, DOWA Hightech is in violation of the law that regulates waste management. According to NHK, the police will start investigation of the company.

When radioactive materials are not involved, the Japanese police does move very quickly. The police was there one day after the huge fire at the Mitsui Chemicals petrochemical complex in Yamaguchi Prefecture in April.

More than 14 months since the start of the nuclear accident, there is no police investigation of TEPCO, the plant operator of Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. Instead, the police has been busy guarding the huge residence of Chairman Katsumata in the central Tokyo, and most recently protecting the huge trucks carrying disaster debris in Kitakyushu City against the residents.


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For all you Japanese, according to my japanese wife, you should see this...

it's not a pretty picture and is awaiting you ( and your kids ), especially if you live in a 100 KM radius of Fukushima ( and likely also beyond )

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