Sunday, May 27, 2012

#Fukushima Accident Investigation: It's Naoto Kan's Turn to Take the Witness Stand in the Diet Commission

For all Naoto Kan fans, here's the link at Nico Nico Video (you need an account if you don't have one):

At IWJ's USTREAM Channel:

(Watching the testimony at Nico Nico)

He's now blaming Haruki Madarame.

Why was he in the meeting with the opposition leaders to begin with on March 11, 2011 when the situation deteriorated rapidly in Fukushima I Nuke Plant?

Just like Yukio Edano, Kan is busy painting himself as "victim" who was left out of the info loop.

About TEPCO "withdrawal" - Kaieda came in the morning of March 15, 2011.


It was the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency who declined help from the US, one of the commissioners just said.


Anonymous said...

So are these investigations supposed to figure out what the actual situation is, what the hell they're going to do or should have done, or are they just there for politicians to point fingers at each other?

I recall reading that the Russians did the exact same thing for Chernobyl - pointing the finger. Methinks the important lessons of these disasters are not being learned.

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Anonymous said...

ExSKF, you are right be be skeptical of Kan. I don't know, I just read the article by Jeff Kingston that puts the finger more on the Nuclear Village and less on Kan, although Kan was not perfect. You might get something out of his analysis, what do you think? It was partly the nature of the bureaucratic system. He is frustrated, we all are. Now we have Hosono in there, with his Law degree, saying Unit 4 looks good and thumbs up! Totally absurd.

Ousting Kan Naoto:
The Politics of Nuclear Crisis and Renewable Energy in Japan

Mismanaging Risk and the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis

Apolline said...

Sorry, OT :

A new robot for Fukushima power plant :

Anonymous said...

“It is impossible to ensure safety sufficiently to prevent the risk of a national collapse,” Mr. Kan said. “Experiencing the accident convinced me that the best way to make nuclear plants safe is not to rely on them, but rather to get rid of them.”

Enough said?

Do it now please.

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