Thursday, May 31, 2012

US 10 Year Treasury Yield Hit All-Time Low at 1.5340%

It has risen a bit, at 1.5810. Flight to liquidity, for sure. Not sure about "safety" but it's all relative.


Anonymous said...

The investment world has become like a life raft, and people are fleeing to government bonds and debt as if drinking sea water to quench their thirst out of desperation. They think that, if everyone is doing it, it must be good. But the fate of those who put their trust in government bonds will be like the fate of people who drink sea water to quench their thirst while stranded on a life raft.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

If Germany can sell 2-year note at 0 (as in zero) coupon, the top is near for the government bonds. But then I do recall many hedge funds loading up on Greek debt at 20 cents on a euro, thinking that was the bottom. They lost another 30 percent or so.

Steve said...

ON drinking sea water if stranded on a raft;
see the "Allan Bombard Story". Crazy French guy floated across the Atlantic in a rubber dinghy in the 50's.
Drinking sea water and eating plankton caught in a small net. I know it is totally of topic to the post. But useful information anyway. He said the trick is, don't get yourself dehydrated first. As soon as you realise you are in the shit, sip small amounts and the body can assimilate it.

So I guess your analogy sticks, as the financial system is already very dehydrated.


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