Friday, June 8, 2012

4000 People Protested in Front of PM Official Residence Against Ooi Nuke Plant Restart, Governor of Fukui Is "Satisfied"

That's the largest crowd so far, protesting in front of the Prime Minister's Official Residence.

It looks to be a combination of long-time anti-nuclear activist organizations and ordinary citizens. Unlike the protests that take place there regularly these days, the one last night (June 8, 2012) was covered by the MSMs including Mainichi, Asahi, NHK, Kyodo News and AP, and not so MSM Tokyo Shinbun, according to one tweet. Another tweet says there were also Reuters and "Red Flag" - official party newspaper of the Japan Communist Party who has been vigorously covering the nuclear accident, resultant contamination, and Japan's nuclear policies since the accident.

As Mainichi Shinbun reports (6/9/2012; link added):


Ooi Nuke Plant restart: 4000 people protest in front of the Prime Minister's Official Residence, as Prime Minister gives a press conference


On June 8 in front of the Prime Minister's Official Residence in Nagata-cho in Tokyo, about 4,000 citizens protested as Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda gave a press conference regarding the restart of Reactors 3 and 4 at Ooi Nuclear Power Plant (Ooi-cho, Fukui Prefecture). Yuki Yoshikawa (age 43), a housewife in Asahi-ku in Yokohama City who was originally from Kansai, came with her 3 year-old son. "Ooi Nuclear Power Plant is close to the Lake Biwa, important water source for Kansai Region. Why wouldn't [the prime minister] listen when this many people are against the restart?" she said.


Terumi Tanaka, Secretary General of the Japan Confederation of A- and H-Bomb Sufferers Organizations, said, "Restart of Ooi means the first step to continued reliance on nuclear power. If an accident happens, citizens will be made responsible by having to pay [increased] taxes and utility fees."


The Council of Mayors Against Nuclear Power Plants, an organization made up of mayors of 68 municipalities in Japan [set up on April 28, 2012] pointed out, "Total overhaul of the organizations that have lost credibility in assessing the safety should be the first priority, including the Nuclear Safety Commission. It is not right to have the same, pre-Fukushima organizations evaluate safety."

But the governor of Fukui Prefecture, Issei Nishikawa, is happy with Prime Minister Noda's speech, and he says he will take necessary steps within his prefectural government next week for the quick restart of Ooi Nuclear Power Plant, NHK tweets.

The same NHK (Kabun) also tweets that 57% of municipalities within the 30-kilometer radius from Ooi Nuke Plant responded to NHK that they do not have effective measures in the event of a nuclear accident at the plant.

The Noda administration seems to be taking steps to discourage a gathering in front of the PM Residence, however. Someone spotted this sign that says "Sidewalk repair work to be carried out, from late June to December 21, 2012". (Disclaimer: I have no way of knowing whether this sign was definitely in front of the PM's Official Residence.)


doitujin said...

how can they do this... even thinking of doing this... how many other countries would be like that in this kind of situation i wonder?

Anonymous said...

Remember that it is the DPJ that is failing to control this prime minister. In elections ALL DPJ politicians should be held accountable for this action. Don't let Noda "take responsibility" alone. They are all guilty.

Anonymous said...

The time is now to stop the restart while you can. The people need to take a stand or it is the end of Japan. Poison water, poison farms, poisoned children should NOT be the future! You can make a better future. Start NOW!

Anonymous said...

To Anon@2:27

Agreed. Now is the time.

However, please also know that the restart of Japan reactors and the stabilization of the Fukushima fuel pools are not ONLY a Japan issue.

Japan's misdeeds in nuclear power have affected the entire planet. It is EVERYBODY's business.

Please, if you are able, come to Japan to help demonstrate against Ooi. If you are unable, please sponsor a student protester from your country. All you need is airfare and transfers. Other demonstrators will help you find housing and food while you are here.

As you say, now is the time. Will you come and help?

Anonymous said...

Sidewalk work until December? Very optimistic... Noda may be ousted from power by then.

Connsidering Abe, Fukuda, Aso, Hatoyama, and Kan preceded Noda SINCE 2006!
Noda will be done by Christmas. Timd for another fatcat politician to try his luck.


m a x l i said...

Does it always take 6 month to repair a sidewalk in Japan?

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

No, unless they want to.

JAnonymous said...

Well, like any good bureaucracy, there's always a way to find the information you want. As the sign says, go to the website

then click the big gray button that reads 路上工事検索 and you get redirected to a page where you can input the sign number (i.e. 8301:0245). It has the information about location.

Also, these signboards are often seen with 'patches' to extend the duration because construction work is always late, especially when convenient.

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