Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Japanese City to Adopt Animal Behavior as Earthquake Predictor

such as chickens squawking loud for no good reason. Probably better predictor than Japan Meteorological Agency, whose seismograph reportedly went overscale and couldn't issue an accurate measurement of the size of the March 11, 2011 earthquake in a timely manner and totally screwed up on the tsunami warning.

The city, Susaki City, is located on the coastal area of Kochi Prefecture in Shikoku Island.

From AFP via Yahoo Canada (6/3/2012; emphasis is mine):

Japan city could watch animals for tsunami signs

A Japanese city is considering introducing a tsunami warning system which involves looking out for abnormal behaviour in animals and monitoring water levels in wells for signs of an imminent disaster.

The southwestern coastal city of Susaki is contemplating studying whether a rapid lowering of water in wells or chickens squawking loudly for no apparent reason are indicators of an impending earthquake and tsunami.

"They may not foretell a future disaster in a perfectly accurate manner, but the most important is to analyse such data thoroughly," said deputy mayor Yoshihito Myojin, according to a regional broadcaster late last month.

Over the years many tales about natural phenomena have been passed down as signs of an impending natural disaster in Japan, including abnormal movement of fish and cats fleeing their homes.

Experts warned in April that a 35-metre (115-foot) tsunami was in danger of hitting the Japanese coast in the wake of a massive earthquake as it revised its worst case scenario projections following last year's disaster.

The news came as Jiji Press reported that the Tokyo metropolitan government is mulling whether smartphones and car navigation systems can guide drivers during mass evacuations when the next big quake rocks the capital.

When the 9.0-magnitude tremor struck off northeastern Japan in March 2011, heavy traffic jams paralysed central areas of the capital, blocking fire engines and other emergency vehicles.

After the Indonesian earthquake on December 26, 2004 and before the tsunami hit, elephants were seen heading up the hill. People who followed the elephants survived.


Darth3/11 said...

This article may be easy to ridicule, but I think they are really on to something.

Anonymous said...

Our three dogs ran to us barking and trying to climb into our laps just before an earthquake. They do know...

Anonymous said...

It's been known for centuries that animals can help predict earthquakes. And I would trust animals any day over the "reptilian-brained politicians" that lead the country spreading the "baseless rumour" that no one has died from radiation. Their behavior can only be used to predict extinction of humans as well as all higher animals.

Greyhawk said...

There is something in humans that stops us from listening to animals. It's called arrogance.

Anonymous said...

How about, don't build a massive multi reactor death machine where you have been told not to for CENTURIES "remember the epitaphs/stones that warned of such events on paths in fukushima?"
It's too late to follow the "dumb elephant", see "Darwin"
The tsunami/earthquake terrible was a tragedy, the nuclear disaster was earned and was/is correct and was predicted, the cost not to pay heed was the death of a nation. Whether you like it or not, there is no and will be no negotiation. No one learned anything from those warning stones, nor chernoble, tmi, etc, usa will learn nothing either, "too smart to listen or such"
I warned Japan personally in 1998 after doing research, guess you're smarter and knew better than to listen to me or history or plate tectonics or earthquake tsunami statistics, or faultlines "dormant, live, recently discovered, and or projected" I just want to say you knew, you were warned you had ample resources for information and people screaming at you that you're going to lose a nation and lo and behold.
Now listen to this, want to live? Get out of japan, it is now and will further become unliveable because "they" the ones who control the death upon the people are stupid and have failed every step of the way. Make a chart of it, you'll find it goes at a sharp angle downward and ends with japans death.
Darwin will win, you do not have what it takes to beat it. PROVEN, FACTUAL, TRUE.

Anonymous said...

My 3 dogs started barking furiously and started trying to get away from my 3rd storey house when Earthquake struck Gujarat in 2001,their abnormal behavior started around 5 mins before the EQ struck.

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