Saturday, September 22, 2012

Eda NO! Protest in Saitama Going Strong (Live Netcast)

Mr. Yukio Edano's constituency is Omiya City in Saitama. People are shouting "EdaNO!" (with accent in NO), "Saikado Hantai" (againt nuke plant restart, a rather tired refrain).

It is still a great change as far as Japan is concerned. People no longer feel afraid or silly to march, shouting slogans and beating drums and blowing whistles, and they don't care if they are not a 10,000-strong crowd or 100,000. And unlike in China, no one in the government is telling them to take to the streets (as far as I know).

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Anonymous said...

"And unlike in China, no one in the government is telling them to take to the streets (as far as I know)."

If the above statement were true, that's because the said government wants to conjure up a common foreign enemy for the people, so they won't pay attention to the systemic corruption and incompetence in their own government.

If you were a corrupt and incompetent government official in Japan (redundant?), why would you encourage your own people to protest against you? One has to be stupid beyond hope to do so. The lack of integrity should not be construed as stupidity.

I used to like your site, but it seems lately your comments are colored by nationalistic fervor. Nothing wrong with being patriotic, but this bias could compromise your logical reasoning. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Well said poster above... very true

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work laprimavera. Nothing wrong with supporting Japan's ownership claims of the Senkakus while at the same time holding Japan's government accountable for mismanagement of the post-Fukushima mess. Certainly OK to point out China's misbehavior relative to the islands they cared nothing about until they learned that there might be oil and gas involved.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

I just want to send Ishihara and his son to these islands. They can fight it out with the Chinese fishermen. Boy-wonder mayor and destroyer of Osaka City can join them, too.

Anonymous said...

Yes. If only we could really make it happen.

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