Friday, September 21, 2012

A Floating Dock from Japan off the Coast of Hawaii?

From NHK Kabun's tweet (9/21/2012):


A local fisherman found what looked like a floating dock off the coast of Hawaii. Japanese characters are reportedly written on part of the structure. The US Coast Guard is cautioning the ships, as the structure may have become adrift after the tsunami on March 11, 2011 earthquake in Japan.

And here's from Hawaii News Now (9/20/2012):

A floating menace could be the biggest piece of tsunami debris Hawaii has seen yet. Exclusive Hawaii News Now video shows a floating dock with Japanese writing on it. It was last seen near Molokai.

The barge gets your attention and fishermen are concerned it's a hazard however what to do with it remains to be seen.

Two Maui fishermen got an up close look at this huge dock. One of them even climbed aboard and saw the Japanese writing. They estimate it's about 30 feet by 50 feet. The dock had pier cleats and electrical boxes attached.

The fisherman first saw it Monday night about 30 miles north of Hana, Maui. Then again Tuesday 25 miles northeast of Molokai. And again yesterday when it was about 15 miles north Molokai. Charting the course the fisherman thinks it will hit around Kahuku sometime Friday evening which had Oahu fisherman concerned.

"I'd hate to have to be traveling at night and no beacons or nothing on it. And some guys, not everybody has radar and to run into that could be devastating," said George White, Fisherman.

"They could seriously damage their boat even at night," said Joey Edwards, Fisherman.

(Full article at the link)

I wonder what kind of invasive species have hitched the ride...

Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL


kintaman said...

Aloha! Get out your Geiger counters!

Anonymous said...

Kintaman... With milk $7 a gallon in Hawaii they will be scrambling on that dock with big wrenches to get the stainless steel cleats fof salvage. Mark my words... If the local authorities don't get a grip firmly on salvage rules and safety for scavengers then it will grow into a big problem. Especially when nasty chemical tanks wash up.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Radiation on the Tsunami debris is a diversion. The radiation releases happened 2-3 days after the Tsunami - so these materials were several hundred miles offshore by then.

Yeah they could have gotten radiation raining down on them - just like all of Hawaii and all of the west coast of the United States did.

Other than that, it's just ocean junk.

Anonymous said...

The presence of ocean junk might suggest the presence of terabequeals of plutonium, strontium, cesium and whatever else also carried by the ocean currents.
It might be wiser to start eating salmon imported from Chile, the only option probably left in Japan.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing...

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