Monday, September 3, 2012

Japan's LDP Elders Wants to Prop Up Shintaro Ishihara's Son as the New Party Leader

If you think the Democratic Party of Japan's senior members wanting Goshi Hosono to become the next party leader (and thus prime minister of Japan) are from outer space, they now have a company. Senior members of the opposition Liberal Democratic Party, which wants to wrestle the power from the DPJ in the upcoming Lower House election, want to have as the new party leader one of the sons of Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara. They think the son will win them the election. Why? Because they think so.

Ishihara junior is the one who suggested last year that ordinary citizens should not be allowed to measure radiation levels themselves using personal survey meters, because these survey meters might be inaccurate.

Meanwhile, Goshi Hosono's latest is his grand plan to map out the "genomes" of Fukushima residents. You can bet he doesn't know what "genome" is.

Bright, shining future for Japan, Hosono or Ishihara.

From Nikkei Shinbun (9/3/2012; part):

自民重鎮、石原氏支持へ 総裁選で「谷垣おろし」

LDP's heavyweights to support Mr. Ishihara, "Tanigaki oust" in the Party President election


It was revealed on September 3 that ex-Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori and ex-Chairman of the members of the House of Councilors Mikio Aoki had decided to support Nobuteru Ishihara, LDP's Secretary-General, in the upcoming leadership election of the Liberal Democratic Party (announcement on September 14, voting on September 26). This was revealed by multiple LDP members close to Messrs. Mori and Aoki. Meanwhile. Messrs. Mori and Aoki agreed with Makoto Koga, ex-Secretary-General of LDP, to not support the current President Sadakazu Tanigaki. Mr. Tanigaki now faces an uphill battle in the election as the influential veteran politicians turn away from him, while Mr. Ishihara may now become the leading candidate.


"I want to support a young person." Mr. Koga notified Mr. Tanigaki on September 3. Mr. Koga is the leader of the faction that Mr. Tanigaki belongs to.

So, how young is the young Ishihara? 55. That makes him 14 year older than Goshi Hosono (41). But the LDP seniors are in their mid 70s, so Ishihara is indeed young on the relative terms.


Anonymous said...

Saw this coming a mile away.

Anonymous said...

another psychopath just what the Nuclear Mafia ordered...

Anonymous said...

... and Ishiba is running too; he scares me to death everytime I hear him talking...

JAnonymous said...

If you pick an old goon, pick a real old one. One that was on Earth even before us.

Cthulhu for President. Why vote for a lesser evil?

Anonymous said...

Human culture has always been about picking who is popular or looks good, and not who is experienced and can actually do the job. This applies everywhere. It's one the many failures of our society that will eventually lead to our destruction.

Anonymous said...

Japan hurtling toward fascism again.... Ishihara is the new goldenboy it seems and the fascist right wing nut jobs are loving it, ... what a fuckup of a country

Anonymous said...

Yeah? Where are you from, anon above?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, anon 7:52 PM sounds like one of those people who keep seriously believe that these problems are entirely Japan-specific.

News flash! It's the same shit everywhere. Our own countries are no different.

Also, it's not a matter of left, right, fascist or freedom. Simple people like to group everything together, because they're incapable of thinking past the surface to isolate individual problematic core factors.

The real problem is humans, and this joke of a society that promotes greed, stupidity, selfishness, ignorance and arrogance, with a total and utter lack of responsibility.

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