Friday, August 31, 2012

DPJ Leaders Urge Goshi Hosono to Run for DPJ Leadership Election (=Automatically, the Next Prime Minister of Japan)

Here you go, international fans of Goshi Hosono, Prime Minister-in-waiting ...

From Mainichi Shinbun via Yahoo Japan News (8/31/2012):

<民主代表選>細野環境相に出馬を打診 輿石氏ら

Democratic Party of Japan Leadership Election: Koshiishi et al urges Minister of the Environment Hosono to run


Seven DPJ politicians of both Upper and Lower Houses, including Azuma Koshiishi (Secretary-General of the DPJ), Shinji Tarutoko (Acting Secretary-General of the DPJ), Goshi Hosono (Minister of the Environment), and Takeaki Matsumoto (former Foreign Minister) met at a restaurant in Tokyo in the evening of August 31. They exchanged views over the DPJ leadership election (on September 21), and agreed that it was necessary to support one of the three - Hosono, Tarutoko, Matsumoto - as a rival candidate against Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda. It is thought that they urged Mr. Hosono to run, as he is being touted within the party as the "[Party's] Face in the [General] Election" and as Prime Minister-in-waiting. According to those who attended, Mr. Koshiishi didn't make his opinion clear.


Over the leadership election, there have been active movements recently to support rival candidates against the prime minister. Mr. Hosono has said that he will give his best in helping the areas affected by the nuclear disaster.

If these people think Mr. Hosono as the prime minister will win them the general election, they must be from one of the dark, distant, outer planets or asteroids of the solar system.

I still remember the DPJ leadership election from last year, after Prime Minister Naoto Kan finally agreed to actually step down. Banri Kaieda (backed by Ichiro Ozawa) and Yoshihiko Noda went to the 2nd round. In between the first and the second rounds, NHK casually informed the viewers (NHK was live broadcasting from the election) that one of the candidates eliminated in the 1st round would throw his support behind Noda. That was a total fabrication, but it may have tipped enough undecided DPJ politicians to vote with the winner (a la NHK). Mr. Noda became the surprise winner. He continues to surprise (in a bad way) to this day.


Anonymous said...

Prime Minister? More like Prime Sinister. Prime Sinister Hosono. I'm sure he likes the sound of that.


Anyway, I still don't believe the citizen voting process has any real influence on who ends up "winning". It's just there to make people think they have a choice. There are a billion ways they could manipulate the results or throw in whoever they like and explain it in a way that people will accept without question.

After all, they already have most of the citizens on their side, because humans automatically like to believe they are in control and will deny and attack anything that suggests otherwise. If they were faced with irrefutable proof that elections are a scam, they would desperately hang to the belief that they somehow had control all along.

Apolline said...

OT, excuse-me.

A victory against nuclear in US, EDF's EPR denied :
(Use a translator, Sources in english at the end)

Anonymous said...

I think we should run laprimavera.

Anonymous said...

I would welcome Hosono to be the donkey in charge when Japan falls into her black hole. Then we will be done with these idiots.

Apolline said...

OT, again...Ultraman. I give information when I get it.

A new video from Arnie Gundersen. He is a good informative, I think. (subtitled in french, but Arnie talks in english)

He talks about the real causes of the Fukushima Daichii's catastroph : the pomps to cool the diesels.

He says that happily the tsunami was during the day and not 2 or 3 hours later, too. If not, there would be just 100 workers on site instead 1000 people.

Finally, he agrees with someone else to set a new standard for power plant degrees, a level 8, that means there are several plants evolved and that needs international rescue.

PS : I like your humour when you write :
"If these people think Mr. Hosono as the prime minister will win them the general election, they must be from one of the dark, distant, outer planets or asteroids of the solar system."

D'un Renard said...

To chose Hosono the moron as future Prime Minister is like shooting yourself in the head, he has proven again and again his ineptitude, can't they find a better captain at the wheel among the 135 millions Japanese population, this is a shame!

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